‘Build personal brands to emerge ahead’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Aug 2017 09:16:11


Business Bureau

JCI Orange City recently organised a business training programme on ‘Brand Yourself for Success’ at Chitnavis Centre. The speaker was Sanjay Arora, CEO of Shells Advertising Inc.

Speaking on the occasion, Sanjay Arora said, “Whether you want to or not, whether you do it in a strategically planned way or not, you still are a sum total of the perceptions about you in people’s minds and that is the brand you. It is therefore critical to build it consciously to fully leverage your strengths and capitalise on the opportunities and become successful. Those wanting to rapidly rise in their professionals careers need to specially take care to build their personal brands or they tend to get lost in crowd in today’s hyper competitive world.”

“Most people go through their entire lives not even knowing what they want from it, while even those who do aren’t able to figure out how to achieve it. Personal branding is discovering your goals, strengths and then using branding strategies to differentiate and consistently build an identity around the authentic and genuine them,” he said.

“It is not trying to create a false image but more like polishing the real one and then leveraging the power of various networks to communicate it with consistency,” Arora added.
He presented various proven models which can be used to develop personal brands to emerge ahead.

These help individuals first discover their value proposition to their specific target audiences, then differentiate and articulate these and finally communicate them in a consistent manner.
The audience gained tremendous knowledge about their new and emerging marketing revolution that gets an edge in today’s dynamic society.

Jc CA Ajay Vaswani, Jc Pavan Sarda, Vice-President, G&D chaired the session. Jc CA Swapnil Agrawal, Project Director introduced the faculty and Jc Anuradha Punyani, Project Secretary proposed the formal vote of thanks.