try that!

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Aug 2017 11:10:03

TO THE beligerent question from China to India, “what if we enter Kalapani region of Uttarakhand or Kashmir?”, India has only one answer: Try that! For, if China wants to act in a bnrazen manner, then India has no option but take a tough stand -- incontinuation with the posture at Doka La where the Indian troops stopped the Chinese to build a road there. That was the time the current stand-off began and has led to much heat between the two neighbours. If China wishes to resort to military power, then it leaves India no option but to use a similar force to protect its own interests. This is the simple logics that India now needs to pursue vis-a-vis China. 

It is obvious that China has started using a more beligerent language against India in the past two months. Each of those statements seem aimed at intimidating India by revoking the terrible memories of the 1962 war. The effort, obviously, seems to tell India that it would not mind attacking if India did not move its forces back. The effort is to tell India that the Chinese Army could crush India’s military might in a short while. This over-confidence in its military might is nothig but arrogance and India is not going to cower under the Chinese pressure.

There can be no other logic. All along, India has been trying to force a dialogue and China has been equally adamant to refuse it, at least during the current stand-off. Even as India talked the language of reconciliation, China talked the language of military, almost directly threatening India of dire consequences. So rude and crude China has been that it even stated that there was a “bottom-line” for its patience. In almost quick succession, one of its newspapers carried an article reminding India of 1962.

This conduct is brazen, to say the least, and violative of India’s sense of sovereignty, security and integrity. This is the crux of the issue. China has carried the impression about itself that it can toy with India the way a cat does with the mouse.

In the given circumstances, India cannot accept any such behaviour from anybody, let alone China. It may be true that China’s military might is immense. Whatever the truth, India’s basic issue is simple -- China cannot play with India’s sovereignty and integrity. In the Doka La issue, China tried to act smart with India by making provocative statements in terms of military might and its geographical designs. The question what if it entered Kalapani or Kashmir, is part of that brazen Chinese conduct.

Of course, China knows that India has moved far ahead and away from 1962. Its military prowess is far superior to what it used to be fifty-five years ago. There are talks as well that the Indian Air Force is superior to the Chinese Air Force in terms of terrain, strength and personnel capabilities. This is may be an overstatement of fact, but it is obvious that India has left 1962 behind and is looking forward to something grander and more pronounced as its effort to correct the historical wrongs.

If China really tries the mnisadventure of entering either Kalapani or Kashmir, India will give a befitting reply to the aggression, and China knows this very well. There is the latest evidence of this as well. When the Chinese teams of road-makers moved to Doka La area, they had a substantial accompaniment of Armed contingent. Yet, the Indian Armed Forces coule send them packing rather easily. The Chinese did realise that this time on, things are different and in no way could be compared to what they were way back in 1962.

The possibility of a limited aggression by China cannot be ruled out altogether. If that happens, India may have a lot of issues on hand to tackle. Despite this, the world, and China, knows that India is far better prepared to face any challenge than it was 55 years ago. So, if a conflagration really takes place, India will have a befiotting response to it. China must know this.