27 dreaded goons detained under stringent MPDA, seven more on Crime Branch’s radar

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Aug 2017 09:33:33


By Dheeraj Fartode,

Mumbai police have detained just four criminals while Pune cops have detained 11 criminals under the MPDA in last 7 months

Cracking a whip against habitual criminals, Nagpur City Police have slapped stringent Maharashtra Prevention of Dangerous Activities Act (MPDA) against 27 dreaded goons during first seven months of year 2017. Last year, 30 goons were detained under the MPDA. If the crackdown continues with same “tempo” then the number may double by December.

Interestingly, Mumbai police and Pune Police are far behind the Nagpur Police as the Mumbai have detained just four criminals while Pune have detained 11 criminals so far.
When asked about the action, Commissioner of Police (CP) Dr K Venkatesham said, “the police are firm to act against dangerous criminals who are threat to the society and the crackdown would continue to make Nagpur a more secure place.”

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Detection) Sambhaji Kadam informed The Hitavada that the action was initiated after observing that habitual criminals are getting involved in crime with no fear of law. Out of 27 criminals, 15 are in the age group of 19 to 25 years. They all have criminal history since their childhood.

A major challenge for police is dealing with children in conflict with law whose number is rising fast in the second capital of State. Being minor involved in crime they could not be punished under the law but are sent to reformation homes. It has been observed after turning 19 (becoming major), they continued with their criminal activities and not ready to mend their ways despite preventive action on
parts of police.

These criminals are dangerous for the society, hence the crackdown has been launched by the MPDA Wing of Crime Branch against the criminals.

When asked whether children in conflict with law are the fronts of big time gang leaders, DCP Kadam said, these small time elements get so emboldened due to limitations of police that they themselves are in a big hurry to make a name for themselves. Within a short span of time, such anti-social elements have acted like dreaded goons giving a scare to established and well-entrenched criminals.

Sources informed that there were seven to eight goons who are indulging in criminal activities inspite of preventive action. Such goons also are likely to be detained under the MPDA so that they get rid of criminal activities.

It may be mentioned that MPDA is one of the stringent weapons that can be used against the criminals who do not mend their ways despite preventive action, including externment. If someone had history of serious crimes, commits two or more criminal activities in a span of six months despite being booked under Section 107 of the Code of Criminal Procedure Act (CrPC) then police can use MPDA against such goons. After booking them under the MPDA, police arrest the criminals and send him to jail where they remain for a period of one year.

Later, police has to appear before the Advisory Board of High Court where they have to prove necessity of applying the MPDA against the accused person(s). After being detained under the MPDA, the accused has to undergo rigorous imprisonment for a year in jails. The one year gap is sufficient to break the network of the criminal.