Eve-teasing with minor girl: Notice issued to Bhopal SP

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Aug 2017 11:04:27


Staff Reporter

Taking cognizance of eve-teasing incident in Bhopal, the Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission (MPHRC) has issued to Superintendent of Police (SP) Bhopal and SHO (Station House officer) Awahdpuri. It was reported that in Awadhpuri a minor girl was molested while she was returning with her brother from neighborhood during Rakhi festival.

The accused lure the minor girl with candy and asked her to come near to him but when he started doing physical harassment she protested because of which he bite her neck. Rights panel have taken cognizance before as well on case of eve teasing especially which if gets unreported leads to more fatal results. Earlier, this year taking cognizance on the news reports on the suicide of a girl over alleged police inaction on a sexual harassment complaint in Harda.

It should be recalled that a Class XI girl living on the by-pass road in Harda allegedly committed suicide due to eve-teasing .The girl was reportedly distressed over the eve-teasing while her father made a complaint against the eve-teasers. An FIR was lodged against the accused and they were detained. But they were set free after sometime. After getting freed, they again teased the victim. The Commission wanted to know in detail whether the FIR was filed and what action was taken by the concerned authorities. Its recommendations to the State Government asked to formulate scheme to secure the lives of rape victim minor girls.

The MPHRC while hearing a case of minor girl rape in Hoshangabad made recommendation with the state government that a scheme like Ladli Lakshmi should be made for the rape victim minor girls to make their lives secure. Education and treatment should also be included in the scheme.

The Commission furthers aid that there is a scheme called Ladli Laxmi in the state to brighten the future of girls but there is no scheme for the rape victim girls.

Hence, a scheme should be formed to save the future of girls who are victim of heinous crime like rape. The scheme to be prepared should include provisions of treatment and education of the victim girls so that their future is not ruined.The Commission made these recommendations to ACS – Home and PS WCD.