Narainpur to witness complete electrification

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Aug 2017 10:00:33


Our Correspondent,


Narainpur a tribal-dominated district is progressing towards complete electrification. Enough efforts are being taken for the electrification of villages, thereby ensuring uninterrupted power supply for people. Under Rural Electrification Scheme, focus has been given for the electrification of different schools and anganbadi centers in district. Till now power supply has been given for 361 tube-wells installed by farmers to irrigate fields.

To deal with problem of untimely power cut, power supply is being given from 132 KV sub center in Masora village of Kondagaon district.

The sub-center in Benoor and newly established sub-center worth capacity of 33/11 KV in Chotedongar are also proving worth in power supply to rural pockets. It is to be mentioned that work of sub-center in Kundala is under process and at the same time, electric sub-centers have also been approved in Orcha and Akabeda of Abhoojhmaad.
In addition, new power line is also being laid from Antagarh to Narainpur to improve power supply arrangements.

The upcoming 220 KV sub-center in Nelwaad would help in uninterrupted power supply for residents of Narainpur. Proposal for establishing sub-center in education hub Garanji has already been sent to State Government. The sub-center would enable uninterrupted power supply in urban areas of district.

As per information, CSPDCL has till now electrified 805 areas of district and 56 more areas of Abhoojhmaad have been targeted to be electrified further. Out of 56, 23 areas have been electrified and work in other areas is under process. At the same time, priority is being for the electrification of schools, anganwadi centers and sub health centers.

In past few years, power line worth capacity of 11 KV has been extended for 830 kilometer besides 33 KV line extended upto 101 Kilometers.
Besides, 722 distribution transformers have also been established. All these efforts have made it possible in providing single-point connection to 11557 poor families. These families have been given 34671 LED bulbs.