Varun Gandhi urges youths to take lead in social transformation

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Aug 2017 09:46:40


Staff Reporter,

Calling it irony that India that is poised to become a nation of youngsters by year 2020 in World, has however to be content with fact that their public representatives average age is rising upwards. Sharing this fact a young parliamentarian, Feroze Varun Gandhi on Friday said the nation needs to ponder when it's going to empower its youth.

However, the youth cannot be complacent, they must use technology to hilt and make happen the change as he cited slew of examples that shows India does not lack anywhere in talent. But for the change to occur, the nation Gandhi said needs to invest in the youth, and that includes representation in politics.

Reading out statistics, the young Member of Parliament (MP) said in first parliament constituted in 1952 the average age of youth in country was 38 while that of parliamentarian was 45. Today while average age of youth stands at 24 that of parliamentarian is 59-years. So what does this tells us, asked Gandhi while calling for bridging this gap, reminding the audience that by year 2020 India's 41 per cent population is going to be youth.

Sharing his thoughts in city about Role of Youth in Nation Building at a programme organised by Hindi daily, Bhaskar, at Deshpande Hall, the rising parliamentarian urged youth to take lead in social transformation. Use social media, as this is one of the powerful medium today, and effect the desire change in society, Gandhi said looking at the youth, saying the nation looks at them with tremendous confidence.

The youngsters today are more lucky than previous generation as they have numerous tools available with them, the PILs, the RTI and advent of social media now is most powerful tool in their hands that can easily fan a movement as the MP from Sultanpur constituency in Uttar Pradesh cited example of how people, some uneducated have shown through their success stories. Gandhi dwelt at length on success stories chaptered by unknown people who shared a passion, went out of way to make things happen.

Earlier, Sumit Agrawal, Director, Bhaskar Group, welcomed Varun Gandhi. Manikant Soni, Editor, proposed a vote of thanks.