‘Door Gagan Ki Chhav’, a touching film screened

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Aug 2017 12:23:40

Staff Reporter,

Under the series of Cine Aswad, classic film series, a classic film “Door Gagan Ki Chhav” was screened at State Tribal Museum, on Saturday. It was Kishore Kumar’s film, he had produced, scripted and composed music and even directed it. Kishore Kumar had active in field of music, he sang many songs and even composed it. Film was with human sentiments, emotive and forced audience to watch the whole film.

In brief the film “Door Gagan Ki Chhav” revolved around an army man who returned from war, found that his house was damaged, everything was destroyed. Those who were his near and dear were no more. His the only son who was his hope in the life had lost his voice. Real struggle of this army man was started after watching circumstances of his house, initially he could not bear this shock but later, gradually he thought what happened was his destiny.

This army man then started struggle to survive and to care his son. His first priority was to have his son’s voce.The film actually displayed very sensitive scenes of life struggle of a father and his son. Amit Kumar played role as son of Kishore Kumar, Amit was son Kishore Kumar in real life also when he was just 11-years-old. Songs of this film as Aa Chal Mein Tujhe Le ke Chaloo and others are still on lips of people. Film was good. It became popular when it was released.

 Cinema lovers watching the film at Tribal Museum