‘Need to awaken people with patriotic feeling’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Aug 2017 11:18:04

Staff Reporter,

The identity of India is its great culture. The rate of degradation of culture, values and morals in India is fast. The real threat for its existence is from inside the country not for the outsiders. This is the reason, there is a need to awake people with collective consciousness of patriotism to protect the nation from all threats, said Dr Rakesh Sinha, Director of India Policy Foundation and Associate Prof of Political Science, Delhi University.

Dr Sinha was delivering a lecture on ‘Vartaman Pariprekshya Mein Akhand Bharat Ki Sankalpana’ organised by Sauvedna Pariwar to mark Akhand Bharat Sankalp Din at Banyan Hall of Chitnavis Centre on Saturday. Noted businessman, Arun Lakhani presided over. Sunil Ambekar, National Organising Secretary of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) was the guest of honour. Sagar Kotwaliwale of Sauvedna Pariwar also shared dais.

Dr Sinha mentioned, during the period of Chandragupta Maurya, who established a strong Hindu kingdom, the sense of patriotism was more in common people. Present countries like Brahmadesh, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Malaysia, Srilanka, Combodia, Indonesia, Iran, Afganisthan, Pakisthan etc were the part of Akhand Bharat. Great Kings like Chandragupta Maurya ruled successfully over Akhand Bharat. But in last 700 years, due to constant attacks of invaders Hindus had lost their strength. The number of Hindus across the world started decreasing. Hindu people became weak because the nation has constantly lost its geographical boundaries and the detached countries were confined with a particular religion, he added.

Quoting the example of a book ‘Hindus dying race’ penned by Lt. Cool U.N Mukherjee in 1909, Dr Sinha stated, one must consider the census of Bharat in 1881 for the number of Hindus in Akhand Bharat and also the census of 2011. The geographical boundaries have been reduced and what the part remaining with the present India, the rate of growth of Muslim population is very fast.

According to 2011 census Muslim population in Assume has been grown by 67 percent while Hindu population grown by 34 percent; in West Bengal Muslim population has been increased at the rate of 41 percent against Hindu population grown by just 17 percent; in C P and Berar the Muslim population has grown at the rate of 21 percent while Hindu population at the rate of 17 percent. In states like Jammu & Kashmir, Sikkim, Kerala the situation of Hindus is worst. Now it is the time for Hindus to unite and protect Bharat. Chandragupta Maurya should be developed in each and every house of Bharat to emerge again as Akhand Bharat, Dr Sinha added. Kunal Narsapurkar conducted the proceedings. Rashmi Fadnavis proposed a vote of thanks and Anand Deshmukh presented a personal song.