Dacoity minutes after van delivers cash at UCO Bank; cops suspect insider’s role

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Aug 2017 11:32:38

Staff Reporter,

Police interrogate over 15 local criminals to get a breakthrough

A cash delivery van had delivered Rs five cash in the Uco bank just before the armed dacoits stormed into the bank on Thursday. This ‘revelation’ of information has put the angle of investigation towards the role of an ‘insider’ in the sensational dacoity in which Rs seven lakh were looted at gun-point by five armed dacoits at Gondegaon branch of Uco Bank under jurisdiction of Kanhan Police Station.

Sources informed that senior officials of Nagpur Rural Police have instructed the teams to work out on the angle and trace names of those who had given the tip of ‘timing’ of the cash delivery van to the dacoits. The cash delivery van arrived at the bank at 3.30 pm. The van left after delivering Rs five lakh cash at the bank. The investigation machinery focused on three persons who were in the van including its driver, bank cashier and a gunman. Role of bank employees is also under suspicion.

“The dacoits had exact tip of the cash and this information was given by an insider,” sources revealed.Another senior police officer said, the dacoits had snatched purses and golden ring of the bank employees after looting Rs seven lakh cash. It means that the dacoits were not ‘big dacoits’ as they had interest in Rs 10,000 cash after looting lakhs of rupees.

The bank is located at an isolated place and it has three to four approach roads. The dacoits came in an Innova car and drove back without getting caught in the CCTV cameras and also took the recorder of CCTV with them. The style of dacoity shows that the dacoits had done a recce of the bank as well as complete planning before committing the crime on the basis of inputs received from an ‘insider’.

A section of officers are believing that the dacoits were not local goons and were ‘hired’ by someone sitting in Kanhan. Meanwhile, Rural Police picked up over 15 local criminals on Friday and interrogated them to get some more clues. Sources informed that one of the accused had not covered his face with the mask. Police have made a sketch of the criminals on the basis of inputs given by the witnesses.