Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Aug 2017 11:12:09

IT IS good to hear that the cops were able to save a boy who was about to finish a task in his Blue Whale Game. As part of the game, the boy was travelling from Solapur to Pune and the cops noticed him and rescued him from further disaster. The boy had gone missing from home and his parents were looking for him. The cops accosted the boy on the train and informed the parents. His father, a businessman, took him away subsequently.

This episode, which could have had an unfortunate end, brings to fore once more the importance of taking right steps to stop disastrous games such as ‘Blue Whale’ on an urgent basis. In fact, it is an urgent need of the human society across the world to become alert about the disastrous effects addiction to dangerous digital games to which children and even adults fall prey every now and then and spoil their lives.

It is necessary here to remind everybody that a Mumbai boy had jumped off a high-rise building as part of his last task in the Blue Whale game. He had completed all the tasks and had kept carving the figure of a blue whale on his lower-arm. The last task from the game’s unknown director was to commit suicide. So, the boy took his 'selfie', sent it across to his friends in the school on the social media and said wrote that they would never be able to see him again. Then he jumped from the building to end his life -- as part of the Blue Whale task.

Nothing could be more dangerous and obnoxious and dirty than this. And that makes it imperative that immediate steps be taken on war-footing to curb the menace and punish those monsters who do not mind toying with young minds in such a cruel manner. Per se, there need not be any opposition to digital games. Healthy entertainment is always welcome. Yet, games like Blue Whale cannot be counted in the category of healthy entertainment, and need to be curbed as a most dangerous menace. And it is here that the Government should step in.

Media reports have us believe that the game Blue Whale cannot be monitored because it does not come to an aspirant through any channel in public domain and that it is supplied to the asker through a private channel operated by one person. It is obvious, thus, the person who operates it has taken adequate precaution to safeguard his activity from any official intervention. Despite this, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that games such as Blue Whale are curbed on an urgent basis.

When cyber specialists can protect the country’s defence establishments from hacking by experts from enemy countries, when they are smart enough to create multi-layered security for the digital data of the whole country, then it should not be difficult for them to track down the Blue Whale culprit as well. This is the need of the hour and the Government must intervene in the most assertive manner in larger interest.