Source: The Hitavada      Date: 19 Aug 2017 14:06:09

That children are vulnerable and can get hooked to something that is distorted, is understandable. But it is not only a matter of concern but preposterous too when adults follow suit. The latest case in question is the Blue Whale game, which now has caught the attention of the adults. And they, too, are getting mired in the trappings of the deadly game. On the one hand efforts are being made to highlight the dangers of such games, but on the other hand, the ones who have the capacity and capability of educating the children and guiding them on the right path are the ones straying on to a dreaded trail. How lethal the situation is can be gauged from the fact that courts have been approached to pass a resolution to instruct the search engines from banning the game on their sites. The Court will take time to pass any order. Meanwhile, the ball is now in the court of people who can have a positive influence on the gullible and innocent minds of children, namely the parents and teachers, who must be vigilant at all times. Else the consequences can be disastrous.


CYBER security firms are geared up again to counter ‘Mamba’, the notorious ransomware that can destruct your entire computer within minutes. A new variant of the disk-encrypted ransomware has made a comeback, it has been confirmed by experts. The ‘Mamba’ created quite a havoc last year by affecting many organisations globally. It did not make big news in India last year but the renewed threat to our cyber security needs to be taken very seriously. India has been a victim of relentless cyber attacks for long but constant evolution in the security systems has kept us secure so far. However, it is a constant threat that needs a major shield. ‘Mamba’ ransomware mostly targets big organisations and government agencies. The ransomware is deadlier than Petya virus that gave cyber experts a big headache last year. ‘Mamba’ simply installs a malware and scrambles every disk sector. With India opting for digitalisation on a warfooting the ‘Mamba’ threat needs to be countered at the earliest by installing potent Firewalls.