Source: The Hitavada      Date: 19 Aug 2017 11:53:26

HAVING given the call for building a ‘New India’ earlier this month in his monthly ‘Man ki Baat’ broadcast to the nation, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi now wants the entire 1.25 billion population of the country to own the idea, and quite rightly so. As very correctly said by Mr. Modi, a new India cannot be built merely on the strength of Government schemes.

“Till the time 1.25 billion countrymen make the resolve, and have their job cut out for themselves to contribute to New India, this dream will remain unfulfilled.” Implicit in this expectation of the Prime Minister is a proactive role for every citizen of this country. And there is nothing out of the world in this expectation of the Prime Minister. Mr. Modi wants every citizen of this country to be part of this mission and feel excitement of achievement. 

While the Government plans and executes development and public welfare schemes, the citizens of the country cannot remain mere bystanders. They have to take a plunge. The Prime Minister wishes that every citizen of the country should ‘own’ new ideas, new plans and be an integral part of the over all development process. By asking the people to own the dream of New India, the Prime Minister wants every citizen to be proactive and an integral part of the whole process as if they are the generators and creators of those ideas.

Addressing a gathering of entrepreneurs at the “Champions of Change” conclave organised by the NITI Ayog, the Prime Minister made it known to the audience that the Government cannot remain under the illusion that it can run a huge country like India without the participation of its 1.25 billion people. Inherent in this realisation in the political executive is the experience of the past decades after Independence where the common citizens remained far removed from the Government and governance with both being treated as the exclusive domain of the political executive and the top level bureaucracy.

Hence what the Prime Minister is now seeking to do is to bring the common man, the real stakeholder in Government and governance, closer to the scheme of things where the common citizens will have equal say in framing of policies and executing them effectively. Thus the dream is to make in the true sense the Government of the people and by the people. For achieving the goal of a New India by 2022, the Prime Minister expects the people to make sacrifices and take up responsibilities and be answerable for both successes and failures as much as the political executive and bureaucracy is expected to do.

In this regard the Prime Minister’s interaction with young, emerging entrepreneurs during the conclave and his evincing interest in the new age projects presented by them on the occasion was significant. His appeal to them to bring their new ideas to the Government shows his receptiveness to new ideas and innovations that the young generation is interested in. In them, he sees innovators of the future which will propel India to self-sufficiency in technology and other business practices. In them, the Prime Minister sees the heralders of emerging India and hence reposes much faith in their ingenuity. He wants such talented people to sit with the Government and share their knowledge for the benefit of the entire country.

Thus it is an open invitation from the Prime Minister to the people with skills and ideas to share with the Government their knowledge and be an integral part of the fulfillment of larger dream of a New India. It is now for the citizens to respond to the Prime Minister’s call in a positive manner and strengthen the hands of the Government in fructifying the idea of a new, vibrant, prosperous India and help it occupy its position among the top economic powers of the world.