A letter to myself

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 22 Aug 2017 12:36:59


Dear Lois,

Hey friend, I have been missing you since quite a long period. Several days, weeks and months have passed by but I remain unheard of your well-being. It seems you are not any more interested in confiding even the tiniest of your secrets in me. You seem to be perplexed regarding the things going on in your mind.

None of your thoughts seem to sustain themselves in your mind; they leave as soon as they enter. This is the time when you need a friend the most. Who do you think can be a better friend than me?

A chivalrous person you were since birth, never trembled by any obstacle rather fought fiercely with full might. Your shoulders never bore any burden towards life giving you the liberty to live like you wanted. Your smile was a boost for all. You dreamt the sky and made sure you could also capture the stars.

Numb from the outside, tender from the inside was your persona. People said you were a tough nut to crack but who knew you better than me? Your fading image is a cause of concern to me my friend, thus I want to lend you my helping hand. Once you hold it, I promise you I won'tlet it slip. Perhaps you have fallen asleep.

I am applying every possible trick to wake you up. You need to wake up before it is too late. You need to ignite the fire that was previously burning within you with high intensity.

You need to find your lost self in the dark forest and escaping the ferociousbeast like depression carefully guide it towards the perpetual light. Nobody can help you in this process except me and you too know that I am a part of you so ultimately you need to help yourself.

Your true friend,
Your conscience

Lois Rose Mayday
BA 1, Hislop College