Audience’s appreciation is my success: Bidita Bag

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 24 Aug 2017 12:41:11


By Anshuman Bhargava,

Babumoshai Bandookbaaz lead actress opens up to The Hitavada on her much-anticipated film releasing this Friday. “For the first time in the history of Indian Cinema, an actress is playing the role of a ‘mochi’ (cobbler) in Babumoshai Bandookbaaz. The role has been tailor-made for me and I have given it my best,” says actress Bidita Bag.

Babumoshai Bandookbaaz, a movie about a contract killer featuring Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Bidita Bag in lead roles is all set to release this Friday. The movie has already witnessed near a crore hits on its trailer released on YouTube and the number is increasing per hour.

Speaking exclusively to The Hitavada, Bidita said the story of the movie was about a contract killer. “His name is Babu. The name of the movie Babumoshai Bandookbaaz is an oxymoron, having two different words. Babumoshai means someone who is ‘Mister Stylish’ while Bandookbaaz means a person who specialises in guns.

“Babu has no social values; he takes money to kill people with no social ethics,” Bidita added.
An action thriller, Babumoshai has been directed by Kushan Nandy and produced by Kiran Shyam Shroff and Ashmith Kunder. The writer of the movie is Ghalib Asad Bhopali. Replying to a question on how the movie got its inception, Bidita said the director read a couple of newspaper articles which were filled with heinous offences by different persons. Reading those, he thought of making this film. In one of the articles, a guy killed a man just for the sake of two bananas because he was hungry.

Bidita said, “The film is about Babu, played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui, while I am his girlfriend Phulwa.”
Describing her role Bidita said Phulwa was a female cobbler based in Uttar Pradesh. She was very independent and bold but was also manipulative and would never leave an opportunity where she can earn some money. She charged money even from someone staring at her because she knew she was beautiful. She even charged Babumoshai Bandookbaaz Rs 20 for staring at her in the movie,
Bidita added.

“I do not say this is right or wrong but somewhere this is a reflection of that portion of society. We can also say that it is an imaginary story based on a local part of UP and the dialogues have also been spoken in the local dialect.”
On how Bidita Bag finds this character different from other female characters, the actress said the female character is a mochi and for the first time in Indian cinema a woman actress is playing a shoemaker. This profession is unknown to a girl in Indian society, so the role is a lot different from other female characters of Indian cinema.

“Anybody who watches the movie would understand how this profession of female shoemaker is important for the narrative,” she added.
When questioned about the controversy erupting after Chitrangda Singh left the film in the middle due to differences with Nandy over his remarks during intimate scenes, Bidita, who took over the lead role said, she did not know the reason why Chitrangda left the movie.
“There are different versions as to why Chitrangda Singh walked out of the movie. But to my knowledge, she did the intimate scenes too and she is the best person to answer the question.”

“However, whatever happened was best for me and it gave me a chance to work in such a powerful and artistic movie,” she said.
Speaking about her journey from a supermodel to actress Bidita said it was a gradual progression and a constant decision. “I took modelling as a stepping stone for acting. People come from theatre to modelling but I decided the opposite. I had no money so I decided to go from modelling to acting. I was able to meet a lot of directors during my career in modelling and it really helped me both monetarily and emotionally.”

“Theatre is altogether a different field and requires lots of efforts and hard work. I really salute theatre artists,” she expressed.
Replying to a query Bag said she was looking for different roles from all walks of life. Citing an example she said her role in upcoming movie Daya Bai was altogether different from the role in Babumoshai and other upcoming flicks.
“I want people to watch both characters of Phulwa and Daya Bai. There is nothing in common. I always try to choose different kinds of roles when I go through the screenplay. Since I have done a number of art movies, people also consider me as a serious actor and offer me the variety of roles.”

When asked about her expectations from Babumoshai Bandookbaaz, Bidita Bag said people should watch the movie and their appreciation was what she wanted. “If a movie becomes hit all people associated with it are benefitted. My role should be appreciated by the audience. That is the success for me,” she said.

On Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Bidita said, “He is a really an amazing man. He did so much hard work for the movie. He is always in the character which he is playing. I cannot forget the day when the dubbing was being done and he came. His voice, eyes and body language were altogether different. He was completely into the role of Babu. He lives the character and is a nice grounded human being.”
Bidita said Daya Bai was almost ready and some other movies would release soon. “I am looking for more scripts. I like movies on social issues and want to work in more and more such movies,” she said signing off.