Aim for the ‘New You’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Aug 2017 14:10:29


In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity

Albert Einstein

I personally like this quote a lot as it somehow makes me want to do so much, to learn and move faster on ideas.
Every difficulty comes with an opportunity, so grab that opportunity as quick as possible. When consequences are against you and you don't find a way, go for self meditation and look for a way to resolve the situation. You need to understand and then tell yourself to work hard because these consequences only teach us to be stronger, push us to do better and what comes out is your best.

Never give up because you
never know what’s next and
may be the best for you. Losing confidence is a sign of losers and you surely want to win.
Take any of your defeat not
as a loss but as a lesson. When you'll start doing this you'll definitely reach success. Negative mind will never give you a positive life.

‘When there is rain there is hope for treasure.’ - Rumi. Disintegration, decay or collapse cannot cause hindrance to achieve your goals. Never
giving up is a sign of the leaders. A sure mantra for success
then is- listen to your heart and move on.

Dhwani Thacker
XII Commerce
J N Tata Parsi
Girls’ Junior College