Of one’s unrevealed world

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Aug 2017 09:29:00


The human heart has hidden treasures,
In secret, in silence sealed;
The thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures,
Whose charms were broken when revealed

From ‘Evening Solace’By Charlotte Bronte

These four lines tell us what is hidden within everybody’s inner world. The poetic force in Charlotte Bronte’s lines is obvious, and can magnetise anyone who has ever tried to peep deep into one’s own inner core. They state a
universal truth – of human mind – in simple words, that there is a secret treasure within everybody.
Of course, there are countless people who never even try to decipher their own minds, never try to understand what is within their inner core. And then, they grieve that nobody understands them. To such souls, one may ask: Have you tried to understand

yourself, your own self? They are your secret treasures, sealed within silently, privately, without anybody else’s knowledge. Have you ever tried to peep within yourself?
Look at a three-year-old! She is a
self-contented person, happy with herself, playing all by herself, playing with herself.
She needs no company. For, her play emanates from inside her own mind. There are many characters in that little inner world of her own. They are her companions,
her partners, her cohorts, her heroes – and also her villains. In that sanctuary of the mind, the little one builds stories, scripts fiction, constructs plots, pens poetry, dreams of future, sees bright visions of the world of tomorrow in which she would be the centre of her own cosmos.

Have we ever realised that the little one does not like interference in her playtime. For, for her, it is not a playtime; it is a serious engagement with self, with life, with her inner sanctuary in which she is the crowned and uncrowned princess, the queen of everything she surveys. So, she cozies up with them, fights with them, shares secrets with them and reveals herself with them.
Or at least others think so.

But then, as all of us know, the little one is sharing only a part of her inner world to
others, never in full, never in all its facets and colours and nooks and corners. Even though she seems to share her inner emotions with others, she is revealing only a part of that secret inner world.

The thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures,
Whose charms were broken when revealed ...

This is very apt an observation. All those thoughts and hopes and dreams and pleasures hold a special and silent and secret charm for her. If those charms are revealed to others, the little one gets pained. Of course, she has grown older, but still holds those charms close to her chest, absolutely to herself.

She often guards that sanctuary zealously and jealously – and even nervously. For, she is afraid, if her inner thoughts are known to others, they may mock at her, may not take her seriously, may even reveal those to others – thus smashing the barriers of secrecy within which she has
protected and preserved her inner world so zealously all the time. And that would mean the loss of the charm which is her very own – and of no one else.

Such a catastrophe might not have taken place ever in her case actually. Yet, the little one – now even a grown up person – wants to take no risk. For her, the charm of her
inner world must remain intact, unbroken, unrevealed.
In other words, that inner world, that charm of her inner world, offers her her inner identity. By those charms, she measures herself, measures up to herself. They are her silent signature of being.

Naturally, as she works hard to protect and preserve the inner treasure, the little one starts wearing a mask – persona – by whose countenance she gets known, not by
nomenclature but by known-to-others culture. Under the mask, she conceals her inner self.
This is everybody’s story, of course – yours and mine. Each of us has an inner treasure which is our own, and of nobody else. And in that unrevealed treasure-island, we are the whole world.