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By vivek k singh,

While sitting in a waiting area of a big corporate house I have been told that the manager, whom I was about to meet, is busy with taking the interview. The reception desk was just beside me. Few interviewees were sitting in next line of chairs.

The first interviewee was looking dashing wearing suit and embellished with some expensive accessories where as second interviewee was a normal looking simple guy wearing a formal shirt pant carrying a file of documents. The first individual got a call from the interview room. He goes in and came out after 15 minutes to leave the office. After some time the second individual goes in to interview who returned 30 minutes later, approached reception desk asking time to finish post recruitment formalities. I proceed to meet with the manager.

We had some official chat then I shoot the question revolving around my mind, “Why you choose that simple looking candidate against that smart looking one?” The manager replied, “We are hiring skill nowadays, degree days are gone.” I understand what I have to.

The degrees are necessary to qualify an individual for one specific job but the job market is changing spontaneously. One computer is doing the task of 10 people so the company will hire the one who has knowledge of computer in short skills are in demand. If you are expert in C, C++, Web designing, Graphics, animation then you are hired accordingly.

Moreover, you don’t need a degree to acquire these skills. A degree can’t be the destination in current scenario but to push Indian economy to its threshold limit we need to decipher unskilled people to skilled manpower with full efforts only then our second most populated country in the world can be converted into a mega hub of outsourcing and repository of manpower. Our country has a huge cluster of students who found themselves unable to stream up with the current array of education due to economical, physical or social impediments. For them to live a life with dignity and avoid exploitation skill training at an early age is always beneficial.

Now the question may arise that what it needs to acquire the skill. What skill would be suitable and which not? No one can answer this better than us. Consider the skills as hobbies and everyone has a kind of fascination or attraction to something. Now the development of skill will be nothing but to convert those hobbies or say skill into a money making profession. For example, if someone likes to work with the computer better to find what task exactly like to do with it. A person can do varied computer courses available and become a computer professional.

Skill-set are broadly divided in 5 categories for specification. They are as follows:

Computer based Skill:
100% digital skills are done on computers. C, C++, Photoshop, Coral Draw, Editing, API’s, Java, Matlab, and list go on. Maximum numbers of skillset revolves around computer jobs. Demand has tremendously increased of what more you know in the computer. Degrees are Ok, basic knowledge of computer is better but if you have mastered any advanced skill like mention above then its best. As soon as student’s finishes 10th class, they must join any of courses according to their preference. Beginning early could pave the way for better understanding which will gradually enhance with the time. On the stage where students finish their degrees they will be industry ready. Chances of their recruitment would automatically increase.


There are two parts of languages skills. First is integrated knowledge of English and second is knowledge of any other foreign language. English has no alternative no matters how you have earned your degree. English can enhance your personality. Knowledge of English which is also a foreign language but not anymore as 70 to 80 percent task is being done through it. Now foreign language market is growing fast. In an individual perspective knowing a foreign language can open great employment opportunities giving great essence to your personality ultimately increasing your self-worth.

Vocational Skills

Many states conduct vocational education as a part of academics but it’s not preparing the student for college but for the job. Vocational Courses are a trade based program like automobile, plumbing, welding etc. and as these are considered lower category social job so a kind of unruly stigma seems to be attached to it. States has implemented vocational programme along with academics but it seems to be stipulated which leads mushrooming of the private and publically funded organization to meet the demands. Considerable economic development with time in both Government and private sector open new employment opportunities for vocational skill holders. Chinese’s government has implemented a multi disciplinary framework for skill development and vocational courses. Candidates who are trained under vocational courses are high in demand in retail, cosmetics, small scale industries, tourism and other allied subsidiary sectors. These may not give huge money spinning jobs but can certainly give dignified jobs opportunities rather than being jobless. Moreover, lack of skilled vocational professional can ultimately give the financial edge to those who are already in the vocational job market. Most prominent advantages of these courses are that we can instill these skills to an illiterate person too so that they can do their task more professionally just like farmer to whom nobody has taught to do farming but they do and if we teach them scientific ways of farming they can encash more money yielding more crops.


Apprenticeship is a kind of job with on the spot skill learning proforma. The practical knowledge has no substitute and that’s what the apprenticeship is all about. Doing apprenticeship is a kind of learning skills. It’s an on-the-job training of what an individual had learned in a theoretical way. Apprenticeships also called as internship which has been made mandatory by AICTE for engineering graduates to learn employable skills awaking on the news of a serious drop in the job of engineering sector. It won’t be exaggerative to say that future of the industry lies in the successful implementation of apprenticeship. Initially, a lot of time and money used to spend on the training of prospective employees but internships have razed that problem as an industry get finished employees who are ready to perform from very first moment. Academic syllabus changes with low pace but industry implements new technologies as early as possible to stay in a competition that’s why a student can learn more tactfully and practical way from what he has learned in way of schools.

Personal Attributes

Employer looks for what personal traits you possess as most of these would fall under the category of skills because it has a great impact on a career when delivered properly. Communication skills, Negotiation Skills, Management Skills technical competency etc. are some example of this. Nowadays special workshops and classes used to conduct to instill or enhance theses skills. Employer tracks theses skills of employees on basis of which they might get promoted. The government of India hectically, conducting Skill Development Programme with public and private partnership understanding the unavoidable importance of skill development. Unemployment is a very big issue in India. As a developing country, it’s our responsibility to create pathway and remedies to provide ample opportunities for employment. Big multinational companies prefer the destination for their companies where they can get ready-made skilled manpower. There are jobs we just need to create skilled individuals compatible to it and spin the wheel of development in more enthusiastic way.

(The author is Convener, Digital Marketing & Editorial Dept, Global Education Ltd and can be reached at [email protected])