Assembly witnesses chaotic scenes on Day 2

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Aug 2017 11:07:45


Staff Reporter,


The second day of the Monsoon Session was also marred with chaos and pandemonium with the Question Hour getting almost disrupted. As soon as the House resumed on Wednesday Congress Legislator from Sukma Kawasi Lakhma raked up the issue that hundreds of acres of government lands meant for tribals have been wrongfully purchased by the family members of a powerful Minister in Mahasamund district.

Opposition Congress Legislators while raking up the issue by moving Adjournment Motion notices, demanded immediate discussion on the issue during Question Hour.
Amidst counter arguments and hectic discussions between the Treasury and Opposition benches, Speaker Gaurishankar Agrawal had to suspend the proceedings twice. The opposition Congress legislators continued to demand discussions on the issue.

A time came when answering a remark made by Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ajay Chandrakar that what was the opposition’s point of view on Question Hour, as they are disrupting it since yesterday, CLP Leader T S Singhdeo remarked allowing to run Question Hour smoothly was not in his control.

As soon as the CLP leader made this remark, the members from Treasury benches at one voice demanded resignation of the CLP Leader stating since he doesn’t have control on his Legislators, he should resign. Suddenly the situation in the House changed due to this development.

Finding no break, CLP Leader T S Singhdeo infringed into the Well of the House and was joined by Congress Legislators and all 33 of them were automatically suspended. Thereafter the House was suspended for some time. When the House resumed again the impasse continued.

When the House resumed on the second day for Question Hour, Congress Legislator Kawasi Lakhma raked up the issue. The Congress Legislators alleged that the family members of a powerful Minister have purchased land meant for Tribals without permission of District Collector in Mahasamund district by moving Adjournment Motion notice and demanded immediate discussion. CPCC President Bhupesh Baghel, Congress Legislative Party leader T S Singhdeo, Satyanarayan Sharma, Dhanendra Sahu, etc also reiterated the demand.

CLP Leader T S Singhdeo alleged that 4-5 government departments are involved in the whole fiasco, hence the matter is serious. Speaker Gaurishankar Agrawal while rejecting the demands said this is the time for Question Hour, and requested the Opposition to ensure smoothing running of Question Hour,the matter can be taken up later, he said. However, the Congress Legislators let loose pandemonium in the House and started shouting slogans. They even demanded resignation of the said Minister.

The opposition Legislators was countered by treasury benches. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ajay Chandrakar while lodging his protest stated that the Question Hour is more important. Issues can be taken up later on.

Congress Legislator Dhanendra Sahu said the Minister’s family members had purchased land which was donated for irrigation project, the issue is a serious one and should be immediately taken up for discussion. Revenue Minister Prem Prakash Pandey raised his objection by stating that if allegations are leveled against any Minister, its notice has to be given 24 hours before so as to allow the said Minister to prepare for his defense and urged the Speaker to give his ruling.

The objection taken by the Revenue Minister incensed the opposition and they started shouting slogans demanding resignation of the Minister. Minister Ajay Chandrakar again objected the opposition is raking up the issued with an objective to be in news. He said the state government is not running for any discussion, but it should be as per rule.

This led to more furious shouting from the opposition benches. In between allegations and counter-allegations the disruptions continued. Minister Pandey said since the CLP Leader has stated he doesn’t have any control on Congress Legislators, hence he should resign and Congress should elect new leader.

Enraged with the comment the Congress Legislators led by CLP T S Singhdeo infringed into the Well of the House and were automatically suspended. However they sat on dharna on the floor demanding resignation of the Minister. Later they went out and sat on dharna outside infront of Gandhi statue in Assembly annex.

Later when the suspensions of Congress Legislators were revoked, they returned and CLP T S Singhdeo again urged the Speaker to take up the issue for discussion. However, Speaker Gaurishankar Agrawal rejected the Adjournment Motion notice by stating that since the Congress Legislators were once suspended on the issue after they infringed into the Well of the House, this issue can’t be taken up discussion.