Source: The Hitavada      Date: 31 Aug 2017 08:45:46

ONCE again the Maximum City has been halted by its nemesis, the rains. Every year, season after season, residents of the megapolis go through the same nightmare. One long hard spell of downpour is enough to show how the city that never sleeps is caught unawares and unprepared. The blame game, too, is repetitive. The civic administration is hauled over the coals for lack of preparedness or even apathy. But then, there is only so much that any governing body can do in the face of nature’s fury. Hurricane Harvey is a case in point. Even a superpower like the USA with plentiful resources and a lightning quick disaster response could just wait and watch for nature’s anger to abate. So, Mumbai residents also bear equal if not more responsibility for dismal situation they face every monsoon. If only every citizen learns to keep his home and its  vicinity clean, and keeps basic civic sense, the situation will not be so utterly desolate. Mumbaikars have to look for a solution within themselves too, instead of pointing fingers. Or else, be in deep waters all over again.


ALL the apprehensions over the implementation of Goods and Service Tax (GST) should now be allayed after the bumper collections in the first month of the landmark One-Tax roll-out. The GST revenue in July is pegged at Rs. 92,283 crore, exceeding the Finance Ministry’s estimate of Rs. 91,000 crore. The redline has been crossed with collections from only 64.42 per cent of the total taxpayer base. Given the fact that the GST is still stabilising and the taxpayer is slowly coming to terms with it, the first month collection is an encouraging sign that bodes well for the national kitty. The compliance and collections will definitely go up in the coming months. A healthy start has been made but the real picture can be assessed only after a few months when more taxpayers and businesses align with the GST regime. This good start and huge increase in tax-payers will give a major thrust to development works in all sectors. The tax kitty will also help the Centre in compensating States that need funds following the amalgamation of all taxes into one.