SRA to provide 450 sq ft house free-of-cost to slum-dwellers

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 31 Aug 2017 07:48:11

By Manish Soni,

Pilot project proposed in Prabhag 16 and 32

Project aims at providing better healthcare, jobs and education to slum-dwellers

As per the advice of Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) has come forward with a unique project of slum development and improvement in Nagpur. This will be the first-of-its-kind project globally that will optimise the benefits to all stake-holders and could prove to be a torch-bearer for smart development in the country. The proposal will be tabled in the general body meeting of Nagpur Municipal Corporation for its consent.

As proposed in the project, each beneficiary slum-dweller will be entitled for a flat admeasuring 450 sq ft free-of-cost and he/she may claim a flat up to 600 sq ft area provided he/she pays for additional area as per the construction rate. If a beneficiary slum-dweller wants to get a bigger flat, then he/she will have to pay for it as per the prevailing market rates for area above 450 sq ft, said Ajay Pohekar, Executive Engineer of SRA. The total cost of the project is Rs 3,235 crore. Initially, the pilot project of homes will be proposed on a cluster of 27 plots of land comprising of 45 hectares in Prabhag 16 and Prabhag 32 of South-West Nagpur segment of State Legislative Assembly.

The project may be called Nagpur Smart Sustainable and Inclusive Development Project (NSSIDP). This is to be implemented as per the guidelines of Smart City Mission (SCM). It is the first project of its kind globally that will address poverty alleviation and drastically reduce inequalities. It will simultaneously address the complex and conflicting needs of all in a sustainable manner.

The project will enable Nagpur to become a premier destination for excellence in healthcare, commercial and industrial development, education and cultural activities. The aim of the project is to provide high quality state-of-the-art, international caliber infrastructure and amenities for healthcare, education facilities, income generation, knowledge, environment, and socio-cultural activities, comparable or even better than those currently available in the areas.

The project will aim at following eco-housing norms and urban design guidelines apart from facilities for recycling waste water, using minimum 10 per cent solar energy, recycling solid waste, rain water harvesting, smart metering, robust IT connectivity, digitalisation, traffic-calmed streets, exclusive passageways for pedestrians and bicycles etc. The developer will provide 10 years of free maintenance by using land occupied by slum-dwellers. It will be for the first time ever that a project will address socio-economic hierarchy among economically weaker sections and respect the fact that all slum-dwellers are not necessarily poor. The project will also address the needs of people, especially new immigrants into the city, by providing high quality and low maintenance rental housing by using the transit tenements. 

The NSSIDP will also address the need for long-term rental housing needs by setting aside 5 per cent constructed houses from the township. The government will extend the subsidies available by combining the incentives available from various government schemes. To the existing commercial establishments, the developer will provide free-of-cost an area equal to that occupied by them currently and afford them an opportunity to purchase additional area at market prices to expand their businesses.  Pohekar said, the scheme has been proposed from Pratap Nagar to Sitabuldi slum areas. The developer will rehabilitate slum-dwellers in two or three slums while he can develop other slums.

Salient features of the project

The project is proposed in Prabhag 16 and Prabhag 32 in South-West Nagpur
• Total land required for the project -- 45 hectares

• Total number of constructed units -- 13,768

•Total number of units for lower income group -- 3,482

• Total number of units for middle income group -- 2,321

•Total number of units for high income group -- 1,741

•Total number of units for affordable housing -- 7,544

•Total number of units for rental housing -- 1,037

• Area for amenities -- Approximately 1,12,460 sq mtrs

• Cost of the project -- Rs 3,235 crore

•Duration of the project -- 3 years

•Subsidy under Smart City Mission -- Rs 145 crore

•Grant under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana for housing schemes -- Rs 330 crore