Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Aug 2017 13:57:52

THE Supreme Court has touched an important issue plaguing the nation for long. While delivering a judgement upholding conviction of former Uttar Pradesh Chief Secretary Mrs. Neera Yadav and another IAS officer Mr. Rajiv Kumar in Noida land allotment scam, the apex court deliberated at length on the menace of corruption that has spread in all the key areas of the administrative system. Learned judges Mr. Kurian Joseph and Mrs.R Bhanumathi have rightly rued that corruption is proving to be a big hindrance in speedy development of the country. 

Fall in moral values and uncontrolled spread of consumerism have led to people becoming corrupt, as pointed out by the judges. Unsatiable urge for amassing huge wealth by hook or crook has corrupted the minds of the people. They are ready to go to any extent to earn the fast buck. Those who are rich command a great respect in the society and thus become role models for others. But very few people have become rich through sheer hard work and honesty. Most of them have, at some time or the other, duped others. But they manage to get away with it on the basis of their money power. The human tendency is that when he can do it, why can’t I? And as it is said that one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel, corruption spreads in the same manner.

Corruption percolates from the top to the bottom. Therefore, to end the menace of corruption, the beginning should be made from the top. If the boss is not corrupt and won’t allow others to indulge in corrupt deals, the whole office will be corruption-free. Leaders at the helm should be of impeccable moral character. And if the boss is corrupt, those under him should have the courage to raise their voices. Unfortunately, many honest employees remain silent for fear of reprisal from the higher ups. Such employees needs to be protected by law. Similarly, the law should be applied to all equally. The most important tool in fighting corruption is imbibing values in young ones. If every family takes a pledge not to earn money through dubious means, corruption will be rooted out at once.