Twin evolvement

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Aug 2017 14:07:03


By Farina Salim Quraishi

If one was to compile a list of angry young men of the television world, then Raghu Ram would easily be the first in class. Known as much for his identical twin, Rajiv, as he is for his volatile temper, Raghu Ram was a revelation when he sat down for a candid chat on a visit to Nagpur recently. Quick witted, deeply philosophical with easy infectious smiles, Raghu Ram is a gentleman to a T and a very insightful one at that.

In city to talk about his new reality show, India’s Best Judwaah, Raghu Ram clears more a few myths surrounding him and equally popular twin brother Rajiv, and also why he is not ‘angry’ anymore...

Celebrated twins - Raghu Ram and Rajiv Lakshman are all set to celebrating the unique connection shared by identical twins in a home-grown show India’s Best Judwaah. The show will test how deeply the twins are connected and how equipped they are to achieving results as a team.

Raghu, who is also part of MTV’s new show Dropout Pvt Ltd, says with India’s Best Judwaah, they want to offer a real peak into the life of judwaahs, contrary to the perception created about twins by Bollywood.

“Most people believe that there is a psychic connection between twins. If you hit one person, the other will feel the pain.

I want to show that this doesn’t happen. Only a twin know what it is to be one. None of the films on twins has been made by one, you see, so what is shown on screen is only an understanding, not an experience of being a twin.The connection we are going to show will shatter understandings about twins.

They are two expressions of one idea; and no matter how strong the bond is between two kin, friends or even soulmates, it’s nothing compared to the connect of twin, which is what we are going to show the world,” says Raghu about the finite series.

“For us, ek aur ek gyarah hotae hai, hence the 10-week running time; enough to give us a winner. There are 11 contestants on the show, from Amritsar, Pali, Delhi, Nagpur, Benaras, Saharanpur, Kashmir, Ajmer, Bangalore and Kinnaur - each with a very tangible connection, which shocked us. A lot of people had auditioned, but these twins were simply amazing, and have unbelievable compatibility, one which will be put to test,” the actor adds.

Ask if the task on the show will be gruelling and Raghu says the tasks are meant to test the twin’s connection, not talent. “As a rule, I don’t shoot with contestants less than 18 years of age. It puts too much pressure on the youngsters, in addition to the regulations on the shooting hours, moreover, they are in the process of discovering their footing. I believe that whatever it is, it can wait till you turn 18, hum yahin hai. But in season one of the show, we wanted the world to see how unique the bond is even in the younger twins; hence we have a few young contestants on the show. The tasks on India’s Best Judwaah are designed to test their mental, physical, and emotional bond. It’s not a talent hunt show and hopefully, one which won’t require us to get ‘angry’,” says the 44-year-old actor.

But isn’t that ‘expected’ you ask and Raghu with a beaming smile quotes Faiz Ahmad Faiz. “Aur Bhi Gham Hain Zamane Mein Mohabbat Ke Siwa... Matlab aur bhi pange hain duniya mein Roadies ke siwa... We were able to express ourself with that show and somehow that image has stuck with, though people who know us swear otherwise. But now I want to leave that phase behind. Whenever there is fight, the need to change things is the root of it.

And currently I’m a place, where I’m disgusted! I don’t want to teach or change anything. I’m very focused now. And if we wanted the Roadies flavour, we would be part of the still popular show. ...Judwaah is our evolution, actually. We want to bring innovative original concepts, the likes of which are unheard and unseen on TV; and the ones which won’t be forgotten in a hurry. “

Elaborating he says, “Indian audience love their ‘comfort’ shows and rightfully so. If they love something they are reluctant to leave it, and anything new has to work hard to make a place in their hearts. This is not so to say, that it’s impossible. Rather, they see everything with an open mind and if one is able to keep up this interest the audience will surely accept it,” while admitting that Indian ‘reality’ scenario is indeed overcrowded.

“See, everyone can cook, but only a few are chefs. Likewise, lot of people work on TV, but only few are artists. Others on TV will keep on churning out stuff, which the artists have already created. They’ll keep copying it as they don’t know anything better. This is not to say its bad, but its not special.Then again, if everyone was special, it would lose its charm. Lastly, also, I feel, if one puts across his idea with honesty, nothing will stand in its way,” says Raghu on the parting note.

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