Why are Rural Police turning blind eye towards illegal transportation?

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Aug 2017 10:34:55


By Dheeraj Fartode,

Illegal passenger transport continues under ‘watchful’ eyes of traffic cops

They came, they saw, but thereafter what happened was sort of unexpected. Normally, on seeing cops, people who had haphazardly parked their vehicles at any State Transport Bus Stand scurry for cover. But the other day at Kuhi town one was witness to grand reception that the cops from Traffic Control Branch of Nagpur Rural Police got after deboarding at the busy square.

The drivers, agents and others engaged in illegal transportation of passengers right from bus stand were elated at seeing the cops. After a short chat and exchange of communication, the traffic cops zoomed away from the spot without disturbing the status quo which results in traffic snarls at the busy square.

One was shocked to witness the incident and more surprised with cops acting friendly with people engaged in illegal activities. This happened on Wednesday evening (first week of month) when the cops arrived in Jeep (MH-31/DZ-0201) at the bus stand. This was around 5.30 pm and occupants included Sub-Inspector (PSI) Narendra Gaurkhede, three constables and a driver. The PSI, sporting a black goggle akin to one normally seen in Hindi films, and was sitting in the official vehicle.

There were around 12 jeeps parked by roadside when the cops of Traffic Control Branch reached Kuhi bus stand. The cops' vehicle was parked behind the two jeeps that ferries people from Kuhi to Nagpur and the business continued right under the nose of police.

It is a regular scene -- passengers boarding the jeep that set for different destinations while the Traffic PSI and his staff carry out their duty sincerely!
Some of drivers approached PSI Gaurkhede, who remained seated inside the vehicle, and held some ‘discussion’. Soon after, the Traffic Police vehicle set for Nagpur.

When asked, about what action he had taken against illegal transportation of passengers by visiting the place, PSI Gaurkhede said, he would share the info only with his seniors.

PSI Gaurkhede’s senior, PI Rajput (in-charge of Traffic Rural), did not respond to several calls made on Thursday and Friday, for his comments.