Children ‘happily’ passing their mid-day meal to cattle

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Aug 2017 15:35:09

Our Correspondent,


Aug 5,

Dal served as part of mid-day meal in Sargipal Primary and Middle Schools is so insipid that it is served to cattle by the children as they are unable to eat it. This has raised a question mark on the quality of dal served to them. Despite garnishing the dal with chilli, tomato, coriander and spices to make it delicious, the taste bud of children are not getting satiated.

The total strength of Sargipal Primary and Middle School is 139. As per as directives, every day the children are served mid-day meal in school. Earlier, the children never complained of the mid-day meal that was served to them, but now the children complain about the dal and state that its only good to be served to cattle. Ujjawala Women Self Help Group members Rajeshwari Dewangan, Geeta Dewangan, Mumtaz, Jahida, Shushma, Dipti and Khileshwari Dewangan informed that due to shortage of fund which is provided to them for purchasing mid-day meal, they are forced to bear the additional cost from their personal income for purchasing spices and other required items which are required to prepare meal.

Dal which is supplied to the school is not up to the standard. Even after garnishing the dal with all spices, children do not like to eat the meal and give it away to cattle. We have discussed the matter with district education officer as well as women and child welfare department officers during their visit to school, but there has been no change in the dal supplied to children.Sargipal Primary School Head Master Shivram Dewangan also admitted that the children do not like the taste and quality of dal which is being served to them and they give it away to cattle.

In this connection, Cluster Coordinator Balaidas said that he has discussed the matter with Block Resource Coordinator, Block Education Officer and District Education Officer, but no action has been taken so far to check quality of dal which is supplied to school.When contacted District mid-day meal in-charge S R Netam said that the dal which is supplied in all schools of the district is highly nutritious and good for health. It is strange that why the children of this school are notliking taste of dal.