Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Aug 2017 16:42:52

My children are very fond of junk food. Now, I am worried about them as lately I realised that it is not good for them. My son eats noodles and wants it daily in tiffin. I am a working mother and confess that I have made fast food at times to save time and now I feel guilty aboutit. I have harmed my children and some relatives and friends blame me for not being a good mother. Some say it is too late and nothing can be done now. Can I change their food now or is it too late?

 Ans. Food is an important psycho-spiritual aspect of one’s life.We were taught to respect the food on the table prepared by motheror the cook and to say our prayers before we ate it. The Junkfood culture has destroyed many such values besides the nutritionalcomponent. Homes that have systems in place regardingtype of food to be eaten regularly and also the manner in whichit is to be eaten inculcate good eating habits in children. It is nevertoo late and changes can be made. Have a discussion with yourchildren that junk food will be made once a week on Sunday and the rest of the days there will be regular standard diet. Explain to them the benefits of nutrition for their mental and physical growth and express worry about their health. But first be clear in yourown mind what you want to enforce and then do it. Children do listen and follow. A little discipline is needed with a lot of determination.


 My sister is gaining more weight with time. She loves to eat and cannot control herself. She has gained much weightand is now reluctant to meet people or go out. At home, she watches TV for hours, munching on chips and chocolates. We tried walking, but after a few day she gave up. She will be going to college next year if she passes. I want to help her.

 Ans. This is a serious and vicious cycle. She would need to consult a team of Therapists .Anendocrinologist’ as assessment of imbalanced hormones followed by a dietician’s plan of food intake with parallel sessions of psychological counselling will help her get out of the situation. Your job is to motivate her with love and care to take her to the endocrinologist first or the counsellor who can then explain things to her. She seems to be getting into a mild depressed state of mind by withdrawing socially, watching TV at home by spending more number of hours and losing interest in studies. Do not delay. There are ways of solving the problem.


Q.I am engineering III year and I’m losing interest in studies. I have already lost a year as I failed, and now I don’t want to continue with engineering. It is difficult and boring and I don’t know what to do. I am very depressed and lonely. No one understands me and my problem. I often think of suicide but check my mind. Please help me madam.

 Ans. It is absolutely necessary to identify the reasons for your loss of interest in studies for that needs to be addressed first. Is the subject matter boring and not your cup of tea? Are you in the wrong career line? Are you depressed for some reason and hence losing interest in studies? Are there traumatic events and episodes that haunt your mind that is disturbing you? A session of counselling will help make a proper diagnosis and help you handle the situation. As a general advise I could say that completing your engineering degree with some effort will be a wise thing to do and then making a switch to the course of your choice will be ideal. Many people begin to know what they like and desire after graduation. The world is very large and you can choose whatever you like after graduation for that is your basic degree. Leaving your degree at this juncture after completing three years will be a tough choice to make as it is a long period of effort and money put in. Seek counselling and help yourself. Make the right choice. Kick yourself out of depression.

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