FOIL PAK’s bids

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Aug 2017 13:47:05

RISE in attempts by Pakistan to push in terrorists in Kashmir indicates that it is in no mood to stop its anti-India activities in near future. In fact, it’s not surprising either. Because, the entire military establishment in Pakistan is thriving only by building up anti-India hatred. The all-powerful generals in Pakistan’s Army are aware that if sane voices in the country are allowed to prevail, they will lose their importance and luxurious life. They are, therefore, making every attempt to keep the Kashmir pot boiling by pushing in terrorists.

The rise in infiltration attempts can also be attributed to the support China is extending to Pakistan, in order to contain India’s economic and military growth in the region. China needs Pakistan’s help to extend its area of influence in the region and keep India on tenterhooks by deploying troops close to the border. Therefore, it is offering massive aid to Pakistan for allowing it to use its land for its ambitious projects like China Pak Economic Corridor in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and One Belt One Road project. That’s the reason why China is blocking United Nations resolution on declaring Masood Azhar as a global terrorist.

That Pakistan is not going to change its policy of supporting terrorism in Kashmir come what may has become crystal clear once again when the new Cabinet of Pakistan under the leadership of Prime Minister Mr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi declared its total support to separatist elements in Kashmir. Therefore, it’s futile for India to presume that the new Prime Minister will work for peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue.

Under these circumstances, the only option before India is to deal with Pakistan and terrorists in Kashmir with a heavy hand. Pakistan will continue to push in terrorists. And we must continue to kill them. The Government, of late, has taken a strong stand against terrorists and has given Army a free hand to deal with infiltrators. As a result of this, highest number of terrorists were killed by the security forces in Kashmir this year. This has rattled Pakistan and therefore, it is making a desperate attempts to fan the fire in Kashmir by pushing in more militants. India should see through the game plan of Pakistan and take appropriate measures.

Defence Minister Mr. Arun Jaitely has stated in the Lok Sabha that due to heightened vigil of the security forces, many infiltration attempts have been foiled and there is a record high in the casualties on the other side. This is a correct approach to deal with terrorists. Pakistan does not understand the language of peace and dialogue. It must be taught a lesson in its own language. India has shown restraint despite gravest provocations from Pakistan for long. But not any more. Every attempt by Pakistan to foment trouble in Kashmir must be foiled.