I want to be multifaceted like jack of all trades, says Affan

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Aug 2017 15:15:27

By Shaily Acharya

Television child actor Affan Khan who is into limelight with his role of Ratan Singh in ‘Pehredaar Piya Ki’ believes to be master of none but jack of all trades. He says “I want to do everything including acting. Little Affan was in city to promote his show ‘Pehredaar Piya Ki’ on Saturday. He is portraying role of a husband (Ratan Singh) who is ten-year-old and has a wife of 19 years old. The story narrates one-of-a-kind tale of Diya (wife) who breaks the shackles of a monotonous thought; ‘man of the house’ always being the defender and reverses the role.

In conversation with ‘The Hitavada’, child actor Affan Khan shared many things:

Q: How is the experience of playing role of Ratan Singh?

A: It is a very good experience and I enjoyed a lot playing such role which is also challenging for me. I do a lot of masti on set with my co-star Tejaswwi.

Q: Was acting your choice or someone advised you to opt for?

A: Actually, there is my uncle who is my father’s friend and he suggested my father to make me go into this field as I look cute and good on screen. Then I started from advertisements, my first ad was of Pepsodent followed by 50 more ads. Thereafter, I played different roles in six daily soaps but that was not in continuity. Now, it is ‘Pehredaar Piya Ki’ which is big show for me.

Q: Being so young, how do you manage your schedule amidst studies and acting?

A: I carry my course books on set and there I study where my mother also helps me in preparing notes. I handle both acting and study well. My friends in schools are also extremely happy watching me on television so they also help me in note making.

Q: How do your parents support you in fulfilling your wishes?

A: Both mother and father supports me a lot in whatever I do. But I am more close to my daddy as he never has a word ‘no’ for me. He also presented me PS 4 recently which I desired since long.

Q: Who is your favourite actor and whom do you follow in acting?

A: I am only my favourite actor (says sarcastically). I do not follow anyone in acting. I just watch, observe

Q: Apart from acting, what are your likes and dislikes?

A: Yes, I like making animated movie and games a lot. I used to make movie on stick man too. As well as, I am more into sports, love playing football and volleyball. My most favourite football player is Ronaldo.

Q: So, in future would you like to continue acting or have thought of making movies?

A: It’s like I want to become everything. I want to be multi-starrer. (Citing an example) of actor, director Sohail Khan, he said like Sohail does both acting and direction, in a similar way I will also do both in the future.