‘Yoga has taught me that nothing is impossible in this world’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Aug 2017 09:30:55


By Nandu Andhare,

“When I started the attempt to do 60 hours of yoga that involved 7,777 asanas, I found it to be an uphill task. Yet, I stuck to it. Half way on Day Two, I felt like giving up, but my Mind was strong and so was the will power and I made it. This taught me that nothing is impossible in this world,”
stated Prem Kumar, world record holder, who achieved the feat in Vietnam, where he is currently teaching Yogasanas.
A Tamilian, residing in Selam, Prem Kumar studied upto BSc and then did an instructional course at RSS training centre, which is very popular.

He had posted photographs of Yogasanas on facebook and got a call from Vietnam. There he joined Dr Satish Cheriyamane Ananda, who is running a Yoga training centre at Ho Chi Minh city. Prem Kumar has been there for the last two years.
Asked about his plans to return to India, Prem Kumar was all smiles and said in smattering English, “I do want to come back, but they in Vietnam, will not leave me. I am getting offers from various countries like Russia. I have many foreign trainees in the centre from countries like China, USA, Vietnam.”

On his achievement in creating the world record, Prem Kumar said, “My faith in Mahakali and the Jap ‘Om Mahakali, Jai Kali’ did the trick. Now, I am confident of achieving anything.”
Sharing his secret of fitness, Prem Kumar spoke about his diet that is more or less normal. “I do not eat non-vegetarian food. Even in Vietnam, I get Indian vegetarian food, practise Yoga for half an hour and teach Yoga for four hours daily,” said Prem Kumar. He also teaches Therapeutic Yoga.

Earlier, CEO of Yoga Abhyasi Mandal Rambhau Khandwe made his introductory remarks and praised Prem Kumar for his achievement. He said that inspite of seeing his certificate, it is unbelievable achievement. Prem Kumar gave demonstration of some of the important asanas to the gathering.