ATMs at high risk: Gang withdrawing money without registering transaction

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Aug 2017 09:33:21


Staff Reporter,

Rs 7.25 lakh withdrawn from SBI’s ATM at Trimurti Nagar

A gang of ATM fraudsters is active in the city and has so far withdrawn lakhs of rupees from ATMs by creating a technical glitch in the machine, thus baffling both bankers and cops. So far, more than Rs 50 lakh have been withdrawn from different ATMs across the city using same modus operandi.

Electronic Payment and Services Company Limited, a payment system company, replenishing ATMs came to know about this trick and has lodged the first FIR at Rana Pratap Nagar Police Station, alleging that Rs 7.25 lakh have been withdrawn by some tricksters from State Bank of India’s (SBI) ATM situated at Mangalmurti Square in Trimurti Nagar. Complainant Narendra Dhote (36), in his complaint said that Rs 7.25 lakh were withdrawn from the ATM between July 9 and August 3, without leaving any trace of transaction, raising a serious question mark over security of ATMs from such techno-savvy fraudsters.

In-charge of Police Station, Shivajirao Gaikwad said that they have recovered CCTV footage of the ATM in which the accused are seen creating technical glitch in the machine. “After the bank is opened on Monday, we will trace the details of account holder whose Debit card was used to withdraw the money,” said PI Gaikwad.

Informing about the modus operand, PI Gaikwad said that the accused used to insert the ATM card and switch off the power supply (before the transaction slip came out) while the cash was dispensed. The accused then used to open up top cover of the ATM to switch off the machine. This way, the bank software couldn’t register the transaction, considering it a system failure.

The fraudtsers seemed to have repeated the modus operand every week to make some quick bucks. All these fraudulent transaction were done between 6 am and 8 am, PI Gaikwad said.
The police have registered the case under Section 380 of the Indian Penal Code.