Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Aug 2017 10:26:16

THE promise boxer Vijender Singh had made to himself when he turned pro(fessional) has stood fulfilled. He had said to himself, which he confessed in so many words, that he would give himself to boxing in totality. Nine bouts -- all won -- offer the reason to look back with certain pride, certain satisfaction that he can rate himself among the world’s best in boxing. For, nine wins on the trot, winning of a few titles, defence of a title is not a part of an ordinary statistics; it is, to say the least, the trajectory of a winner’s path, the story of a boy who made himself a promise that he would make his living in professional boxing, the story of a young man who knew himself well enough to shun comfort zone of top-level amateur boxing to take a plunge into a big challenge that will never be over until he decides to call it a day. 

No doubt, Vijender’s is a big story. No doubt, Vijender Singh is no ordinary boxer. He has all the trappings of a great champion-fighter!
As a boy, Vijender saw lots of dreams all right. And he also saw lots of disappointing patches of life as well. And that was the trigger for him: He wanted enough money in life, and boxing was the only thing he knew would give him what he wished. So, he announced his decision to turn a pro.

The nation gasped. The people grieved and feared that he might not be able to achieve even a grain of what he dreamed. Some even felt, the young man was slated to doom himself. And standing on those doubts, Vijender Singh started his new career -- only to prove himself right and everybody wrong.

The bout with Zulpikar Maimaitiali was no ordinary encounter. At stake were two titles in a shot -- the Asia Pacific to defend, and Oriental Super Middleweight to win from the Chinese. And the rival was no ordinary boxer either. He was a tough customer and a dogged fighter. And so, from a knock-out hope, Vijender had to scale down his dream to a points win.

Yet Vijender Singh made it, and made history. For, nine wins on a trot is no ordinary act. A legend has already started getting woven around him by now. The world looks with utmost respect for him. India has yet another sports superstar to look forward to. That is such a delicious feeling, such a sweet taste! May Vijender’s winning run continue like this. May he go from strength to strength. May India have the chance to feel proud of him the manner in which it felt about M.C. Mary Kom.

Of course, the road ahead is full of bigger challenges. But there are reasons to believe that Vijender Singh would scale up from one high to another. For, hasn’t he proved that he is capable of raising the bar every time he enters the ring!