Average rainfall in Divn, reservoirs’ situation worrisome

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Aug 2017 10:08:52


Staff Reporter,

Inspite of not so good rains as per popular belief the average downpour was still quite on track, the official record seemed to indicate. So all those harbouring worries should put the blues behind and enjoy the season, since even on agricultural front it is given that ground situation is all okay, with land under Kharif cultivation being 67.65 per cent in all six districts of division.

As per the statistics compiled by divisional agricultural department, the average rainfall in six districts of Nagpur Division is around 65.5 per cent during the first two months. It’s a different fact that the other measurement of good rainy season, the storage in dams, seemed to indicate a different situation altogether. But as per records, all the six districts average downpour is more than 50 per cent. Topping the list is Gadchiroli which recorded 85.5 per cent of rains. It is followed by Wardha which has 79.4 per cent and later comes Nagpur District with 60.7 per cent. Bhandara is just ahead of Chandrapur with 59.2 per cent while latter recorded 59 per cent and Gondia has the least with 57.9 per cent.

The average precipitation from June 1 to July 31 is around 599.8 mm and actual rainfall was 393.1 mm giving average of 65. 5%. During the month of June the region recorded 187.5 mm and actual received rains was 118.5 mm (about 63.21%) and during month of July it is normally around 412.3 mm and downpour was 274.6 mm (about 66.60%).

The days when it rained if counted would be quite less and the good average is on account of heavy rains that lashed the region for some days in both the months. Otherwise even after two months of rains, the season as such is not that cool as one feels in aftermath of good rainfall, indicating that precipitation is yet to completely cool down the below ground temperature.

Even the catchment area of reservoirs in region has not received any significant rainfall owing to which most of them are not yet filled beyond 50% of their capacity. This is somewhat usual that though average rainfall is said to be beyond 50% the reservoirs are not yet filled 25%.