Drug abuse cases on rise in C’garh

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Aug 2017 10:58:17


Staff Reporter,


In a tender age of 12 years, Ruhi has taken the wrong decision to turn her life hell as she is an addict of whitening solution and now with the help of some social organisations as well as doctors, she is fighting to give up this bad habit. She and others get such solution and other things from predatory drug peddlers in different parts of the State at a price of Rs 50 to 200. Many of them succumbed to substance abuse and ended their life very quickly.

As per the reports of some psychiatrists and social organisations there have been a sharp rise in the cases of drug addicts and other substance users in various parts of the Chhattisgarh owing to availability of the drugs in various forms easily. Second problem is that most of the districts are facing shortage of proper psychiatrists and doctors who deal with the drug abuse cases. In fact, some of them approached State Government regarding this sensitive issue but still nothing would be materialized on it and as a result social organizations are facing tough time to deal with this situation.

Ruhi’s fight underscores the negligence that has marked de-addiction efforts, in which the focus has always been on men rather than women. Because of it none of the family members take interest to help their female family member who is drug addict or facing such kinds of problems in every day of their life. In fact, Non Government Organisations (NGOs) find that women as well as girls have become targets for drug sellers and are prone to the resultant violence as well as sexual harassment or molestation from them.

In another incidence, 23 year old woman who sells flowers and chocolates at Raipur told of the hardship that she faced owing to drug addiction. A native of Balrampur, she and other family members were forced to leave their village after their crops damaged owing to poor rainfall and arrived in capital for livelihood. She came in contact of one drug peddler and became a habitual of the drugs.

It is not the single case, there are many such cases where drug addicts came in contact of peddlers and become the habitual of the drug substance.
Not people of poor classes or rural areas, in fact youngsters of the high class as well as upper classes also become addict of drug use or spoil their life.

‘We are doing our best to control the situation and give a new life to these drug addicts. But in this noble cause, there is need of state government and government agencies to come forward and help us to reduce the number of drug users’ said Dr. Pramod Gupta, psychiatrist and president of Chhattisgarh Psychiatric Association.

In last five years, cases of drug users have been increased to 30 per cent in all parts of the State particularly in urban pockets of the Chhattisgarh. Even the condition is deteriorating with every passing year.

When contacted, Dr. MD Sikdar, another psychiatrist who is dealing with such cases regularly also stated that condition is not good and all over the state registers a sharp rise in the cases of drug addicts.