Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Aug 2017 12:39:29

THE manner in which the Indian cricket team wiped out the host Sri Lankan team in the first two test matches should be described as emphatic, to say the least. The aplomb with which Captain Virat Kohli led the team from front was something to watch and feel good about.

In both the Test matches in the three-match series, the Indians amassed huge totals and put much genuine pressure on the hosts. The Sri Lankans could never recover from the fact that they had to cope with piles of runs. The series is yet to be over, but India has already won it.

This is a great start to the tenure of Ravi Shastri as the team’s coach. It appears that the players have liked the change in the coach’s style and that has reflected positively on their performance.

For his part, Virat Kohli played all his cards deftly and secured early advantage in both the matches. This should be taken as a golden start to a new chapter in India cricket, and a new page in the Captain’s diary. His record so far has been exemplary and leadership quality proven. Obviously, Kohli and his boys have a great future.


INTELLIGENCE officials in Afghanistan have seized a truck loaded with 16 tonnes of explosives hidden in boxes marked as poultry feed. The truck bore Pakistani license plate and was stopped by the Afghan sleuths in a district in Kabul.

The Afghan authorities suspect that a similar channel had brought in as many as 1500 kg of explosives into Afghanistan some months ago, leading to the killing of 150 persons in a truck explosion. The purpose behind the explosives loaded in trucks and being transported into a country under fake labels, is obvious.

This is nothing but a Pakistani effort to spread terror and kill countless innocents. This is one more evidence of Pakistan’s complicity in terrorist activities.

Of course, by now, the world has come to know how Pakistan operates in its sponsorship of terror, but this Kabul seizure is something of dangerous proportions. Sixteen tonnes of explosives could be good enough to eliminate thousands of people in one go. The Kabul seizure should act as a wake up call to all neighbouring countries about dirty Pakistani mind.