First case of data theft at hospital

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Aug 2017 12:12:31


Staff Reporter,

Cyber Cell arrests two for selling confidential data of Narmada Hospital

In first case of hospital’s confidential data theft, Cyber Cell of Bhopal Police nabbed two persons, including the present and former heads of Information Technology (IT) Department of Narmada Trauma Centre, who were involved in sharing and selling confidential data of hospital and which have been sold to other hospital of the city.

The police acted on a complaint made by Director of Narmada Trauma Center Dr Rajesh Sharma in which two employees of the hospital colluded to share confidential data of the hospital. Superintendent of Police (Cyber Cell) Shailendra Singh Chouhan said, “Those arrested are identified as Shailendra Yadav (26), a native of Vidisha district, and Vaibhav Saxena (35), a resident of Bhopal, who had colluded to share the data of the hospital.”

“Director of Narmada Trauma Center Dr Rajesh Sharma lodged a complaint regarding sharing of confidential data through email by the present IT head Shailendra Yadav to former IT head Vaibhav Saxena of the hospital”, said Chouhan. The accused confessed that the confidential data for National Accreditation Board for Hospital and Healthcare (NABH) was shared between them. The data was important to get an important certificate for the hospitals from NABH. Shaildendra confessed that he had emailed the data to Manager of Swastik Health Care Solution’s Vaibhav Saxena.

Saxena was head of IT till December 2016 and later after having dispute with the management he left the job and along with Saxena Sanjay Sharma, Nisha Porwal and Syma Soni left their jobs and started Swastik Health Care Solution which use to provide consultancy to hospitals in the city and to nearby hospitals.

Police found during the investigation that the accused provided the data to LBS Hospital which was scheduled to be provided to proposed hospital at RKDF Medical College in Chhatarpur of Dr Khare. Further details of the crime would be revealed later in investigation.