‘NABARD focuses on raising farmers’ income’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Aug 2017 11:18:19


By Piyush Shrivastava,

TARGETING profitability in farming, various progressive reforms are being taken up by the Government. After ensuring procurement of yield of farmers of main crops at minimum support price, crop insurance and provide loans at lowest rate of interest, the Government is focusing on involvement of rurals’ and farmers’ families in allied works to enhance their income. In this, various formats are being adopted like constitution of farmer producing companies, self-help groups and targeted yielding production groups, etc.

In this Government through different agencies like state agriculture departments, panchayat bodies, non-government organisations supported by the National Bank Agriculture and Rural Development, Co-operative Banks, etc have initiated work on constituting self-help groups and other such bodies to perform target oriented works.

In process due to some lacunas in system the structures created by farmers face problems and failed to stand independent. Till the financial support provided to these groups in terms of funds, loans still lack in skills used for establishment of market, etc group members in SHGs have got liability of loans following lack of proper demand.

In order to overcome with ground challenges like availability of consumers and market the idea of developing products and works according to demand of market has been taken up. The new assignment for the agencies to constitute SHGs is to identify products, skills in locals and also market demand. On the basis of which the groups would be given further training about manufacturing of products. these groups would be linked in a series working on value chain development as well as market development.

NABARDDistrictDevelopment Manager, Sandeep Dharkar opined that keeping in view of vision document of Jabalpur district prepared by the NABARD focuses on raising farmers family income by developing different resources based on the strength of the areas. In this NABARD, is also looking forward in developing a common platform like e-market of products being manufactured by the SHGs. He further said this would expand the market scale as well as directly connect the genuine rural products with the buyers and customers.

Dr Yogesh Diwedi, Chief Executive Officer of the MBC of Farmers Producers Companies informed that recently in the annual general body meeting of the MPCFPC various decisions pertaining to development of market for the farmers groups. He said in present phase our focus is linkage of farmers groups with programmes initiated by the Government followed by linkage on e-portal and other format would be initiated. As finding market is the foremost need for the products manufactured by the SHGs and for this e-market like various e-commerce and m-commerce companies are the best and easy options.

“The self-help groups and producers societies have been constituted in different districts that are required to be linked at a common platform so that some industry in rural areas could be developed focusing income enhancement of small and marginal farmers contributing in groups”, opined Dr Yogesh Diwedi.