Illegal parking, cleanliness still major issues at ISBT

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Sep 2017 11:23:21


By Pallavi Singh,

The issue of illegal parking and cleanliness is still persisting at ISBT despite orders being issued several times and inspection carried out in the premises to improve situation. Vehicles and autos can be seen parked just under the no parking sign, and garbage littered on the floor has become a common sight at ISBT. Inspection of ISBT was done in March by Director of BCLL, Kewal Mishra, who issued orders to facilitate cleanliness inside the premises and to put up no parking sign boards at ISBT so that no private vehicle or auto can be seen parked inside ISBT without permission. But all these instruction are put at stake, which is very much visible inside the premises.

During inspection one issue for which strict directions were issued was that no vehicle should be parked inside the ISBT premises for which no parking boards were to be installed, and if anybody parks vehicle in no parking than action will be taken against them and fine will follow.

The no parking boards have been installed at ISBT but they are hardly serving the purpose as private vehicles, be it motor bikes, Scooty and cars and autos can be seen parked near the no parking board. Geeta Sharma, a commuter said, “The illegally parked vehicles not only pose problems for commuters but also create problem for buses parked at ISBT as they struggle to turn due to lack of space.

The pick and drop points are also encroached by these vehicles more often than not making it hard for people to board and deboard. Action should be taken against such people by authorities so that they follow rules.” Another major instruction issued was regarding the cleanliness inside ISBT premises.

The dirty surroundings at ISBT are a tell tale of hoe instructions are issued and no implementation follows. Garbage is littered around the premises at many spots. Water leakages have made the situation worst and foul stench rising from the area makes it hard for commuters to wait for buses and stay inside the premises. Garbage can be seen littered around dustbins which can be seen full most of the times. All these conditions make travelling a awful experience for commuters.

Abhimanyu Baghel said, “The stench of rotting food and collected water is terrible and it fills the entire premises. Garbage spills from dustbins as they get full and water leakages make the situation unbearable. Officials should get the leakages fixed and become really strict towards maintenance of cleanliness and fine those who litter inside the premises.” When contacted, Kewal Mishra said, “We have given it in written several times to get these issues fixed but the responsible departments hardly act. Traffic Department and RTO should look into the issue of illegal parking to resolve the problem.” ASP, Traffic, Sameer Yadav said, “We will definitely act on the issue if we receive any complaint regarding illegal parking. Department’s regular drives are organised from time to time where action is taken against illegally parked vehicles.”