Soon to retire head clerk held taking Rs 15K bribe

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Sep 2017 10:57:46


Staff Reporter,

A team of Jabalpur Lokayukta nabbed head clerk at Deputy Commissioner Sales Tax red handed while accepting bribe of Rs 15,000 from an appellant. The accused clerk’s retirement was due in around 8 months. The Lokayukta team headed by DSP Lokayukta S S Bhadoriya along with Inspector Prabhat Shukla and others set the trap on Thursday evening. According to information, Jabalpur Lokayukta team caught Rama Shankar Tiwari posted as head clerk in the office of Deputy Commissioner Sales Tax.

About the raid it is informed that the appellant Gopal Krishna Tiwari, a resident of Garha, filed a complaint against the accused head clerk to settle a case related to taxation.Accordingly, the deal was finalised for Rs 50,000, reportedly the appellant had given a sum of 20,000 as advance to get the work done. As the clerk was highly insistent to complete the monetary transaction made the appellant to suspect major foul. He then lodged a complaint with Jabalpur Lokayukta. Accordingly, a complaint was filed at Lokayukta office.

On Thursday, a trap was arranged as appellant in possession with chemically tested currency notes reached the office of the head clerk. The appellant on being instructed gave Rs 15,000 to the head clerk. Lokayukta team then entered the room and caught the man red handed accepting the money. On being caught red handed, a case was framed against the accused as further investigations are underway. About the head clerk Rama Shankar Tiwari was about to retire from services in eight months time.