Farmers make cattle feed on standing crops

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Sep 2017 10:12:46


The Hitavada State Bureau,


Not only farming activities, but their cattle too suffer due to water and fodder shortage because of the drought-like scene

The widespread drought like situation in nearly 80 tehsils in state where nearly 80 per cent of the sown crops failing due to shortage of water, farmers have been demanding from the government to declare Chhattisgarh as drought hit. They are also asking for suitable compensation for their lost crop.

Not only their farming activities, but their cattle too have been suffering due to fodder shortage because of the drought conditions. Hence in a last-ditched attempt to save their cattle at least, the farmers have started feeding them with the standing crops. “We have no other option, but to feed the cattle with our crops, said a farmer.”

The Dhamtari district, which is among the worst hit, here of the total 645 villages, 472 are worst affected. Most of the drought affected areas come under Nagri and Magarload blocks. Under Nagri block works affected are Bhursidongri, Barbandha, Amgaon, Pandripani and many other villages while in Magarload block worst affected are Mohdi, Belora, Jamgaon, Rajpur, Sargi, Jamli, Sonewara, Sonpairi and Dabhagaon along with 42 other villages. In these villages paddy crop has been sown in over 10-12,000 acre areas. Almost all the farmers in these areas are mediocre and marginal farmers. Farming is their only livelihood and they are suffering similar conditions since last 3 years.

According to the district administration, paddy crop in over 79,827 hectares land has nearly damaged due to deficient rainfall. The administration has already prepared its complete report and submitted to the state government. Even inspection teams have visited the area to gauge the situation. Meanwhile, hoping that rain may hit the areas in and around 10-15 September, the district administration has not yet released jobs under MNREGS. If the rain fails by then, the administration will release jobs under MNREGS.

According to one of the farmers said that he had planted paddy and other rain fed crops, but they had withered due to lack of rain and shortage of ground water, he said while adding that he has a good number of cattle. He said he has already lost the crops, and can’t afford to lose his livestock. Farmers claimed that along with crop failure the state is likely to witness massive shortage of water and fodder to feed cattle.

Rains had been elusive this year resulting drought which is being estimated one of the worst of the state. With the district administrations finalizing their reports, demand for compensation from various political parties, farmers’ representatives and farmers are renting the air.
The farmers hoped against hope for a good rainfall and sowed the seeds. But the widespread crop failure had broken many a farmer across the state.

Meanwhile, the Chhattisgarh Cabinet is likely to meet on September 12 to assess the situation of drought affected areas and it is likely that the state government may announce the drought affected areas. Accordingly, the state government would forward proposals to the central government and thereafter decisions on compensation and drought relief measures will be taken. According to farmer leader Dwarika Sahu, due to scanty rainfall crops are being damaged in almost all tehsils.

This is the period when paddy crop needs heavy requirement of water but unfortunately water is not available. Also water is not being released from dams. Farmers having own irrigation facilities will only be able to save their crops.