Nagpur ranks 19th in country in ‘Blue Whale’ game search

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Sep 2017 09:40:26


By Dheeraj Fartode,

Cyber Cell keeping an eye on the web search data originating from city

With concerns about the Blue Whale Challenge, an online game, rising, the Cyber Cell of Nagpur Police is gearing up to save city youths from falling into the trap. The data of Google has revealed that Nagpur ranks 19th in terms of search for the game. The game has been searched the most in 45 cities of the country. Ironically, even after many fatalities across the globe, Blue Whale Challenge continues to catch city netizens’ fancy.

Cyber Cell has conducted number of meetings with cyber experts in Mumbai and planned an awareness campaign that would be kicked off next week. Cops have selected five major colleges/schools where seminars would be organised for the students. There would be a panel of three members -- a Police Officer, a Lawyer and a Cyber Expert -- would address the concerns of the students and sensitise them about the danger of getting involved in the game.

In-Charge of Cyber Cell, API Vishal Mane told ‘The Hitavada’ that the game administrators offers link of the game to those who click on the unwanted links and are continuously engaged on the Internet. It was noticed that the game players are likely to have been suffering from depression or have suicidal thoughts.

“The game has 50 tasks for those who choose to play it. The player has to complete the 50 tasks in 50 days and final task is to commit suicide!” said Mane.

It may be noted that after getting the link, the game administrator engages the player in primary easy tasks to nurture the player in the game environments. These tasks include hearing horrifying songs and music continuously, watching horror movies or horror videos sent by the administrator at 4 am. Thereafter, the administrator starts taking control of the player’s mind and directs him to make a cut on own wrist with blade. Most importantly, the player is so engrossed in the game that he/she cuts off himself from the family and gets in touch with other game players within the country.

Sometimes the administrator interacts with the player to boost his/her confidence. In the final task, the administrator asks the player to visit high rise building, sit on its parapet wall and send pictures of the spot. On receiving the picture, as the final task of the game, the administrator commands the player to commit suicide. API Mane said that the parents should recognise any change in their ward’s behaviour and they should immediate point out depression or any other mental problem.

Advisory for parents


Suggesting precautionary measures, API Vishal Mane appealed to the parents to install parental control software in computers and cell phones of their children and restrict use of suspicious software. They must monitor search history in their children’s cell phone and computer to get useful insights on various websites and links visited by the user.


“On viewing their children’s text messages, call logs, chatting on WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, the parents would know the state of mind of their kid,” said Mane.
Parents can also ask telecom operator for search history of the children as the game players delete the web search history. The parents should look into the tattoos or images carved on their kid’s body. Most important
image is that of a Whale on the body of the gamer. Parents
should also probe whether their son/daughter has started waking up early as some of the game tasks need to be performed before dawn.
If one gets suspicious about children getting involved
in any of the above mentioned activities, one should call
Cyber Cell at 0712-2566766 for further guidance and support to stop the menace.