Rectifying the disturbed discourse

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Sep 2017 09:44:16


By Vijay Phanshikar,

The polish of his personality spills out, almost covering the fire he embodies. As a successful entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, US, Sree M. Iyer had little business to dabble in Indian affairs in a detailed manner, happily ensconced as he was in his own world of unmitigated success with 37 global patents in his pocket and many more in the pipeline. Yet, he could not ignore his umbilical connect. The skewed political and economic narratives of India disturbed him. He did not want to sit wringing his hands in the distance. So, a few years ago, he decided to take the plunge.

The no-nonsense, beyond-favour-or-fear approach of Dr. Subramaniam Swamy had often fascinated Sree Iyer. He believed in Dr. Swamy’s wisdom and
courageous way of doing things. Three-four years ago, he studied what was hurting India’s economic interests, and realised that the malaise lay inside the country, in its elite circles where even the media manipulated laws with the help of the politically powerful and swindled the State. Out of that quest came the investigation of one such deal. The outcome of that research was the book “NDTV Frauds” (Rare Books, Chennai, 2017).

Sree Iyer’s second book was “The Gist of GSTN”, talking of the jobs of tomorrow.
Yet another book, too, is in the offing in a few days, talking about the rise and fall of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). That book also promises to create quite a flutter in the public arena.

But then, writing books was only one activity of Sree Iyer. He founded as a journalistic platform to engage in fearless journalism. As the CEO of, Sree Iyer has exposed many frauds, tackled many issues of national importance, and wants to act as a voice
of truth because he has understood how truth is often suppressed in public domain in India. One of the finest and latest expose`s by was the detailed reportage of the judgement of a European court in the Agusta deal, implicating those who were beneficiaries of the kickbacks. Air Chief Marshal S P Tyagi’s name has figured in the expose`, no doubt, but there is also a mention of the ‘family’, which is not Tyagi’s family, Sree Iyer says sharply. He leaves others to form their own judgement what the ‘family’ could mean. He then covers up his sharp comment with a disarming smile.

“Of course, journalism was never my forte. Until I got a suggestion from Chitra Subramaniam, the one who broke the Harshad Mehta story and who runs the MoneyLife magazine to write for her, I never realised that I could write. But I took the invitation seriously. Thus began my foray into journalism. My purpose is to tell the truth in an unmixed manner. Yes, I realise the risk factor, but take care to do things properly. I believe, truth is the best defence,” tall and handsome Sree Iyer says, with his eyes twinkling behind rimless glasses.

Some of Sree Iyer’s radical opinions may shock many. But having understood in depth the political games that go on in the top layers of Indian public affairs, he has made up his mind to keep up his self-appointed task of bringing truth to fore. He has his firm opinions on what is happening in national politics, what is hurting the national economy, and how avoidable collusions between strange-bedfellows in politics have clouded the national need and notion. Through his web-newspaper, Sree Iyer, therefore is trying his best to bust fakeness and bring to fore the truth in larger public interest.

Fundamentally a man of technology -- software, hardware, encryption and systems -- Sree Iyer has success writ large on his persona. Yet, his simplicity is almost breath-taking. He carries no airs of his success or no stiff upper lip. A smile breaks on his bright face every now and then. But when he talks of issues critical to healthier national interest, Sree Iyer’s eyes spit fire, though terribly briefly. He calms down quickly and gets down to normal talk -- as if reminding himself of the larger responsibility of raising a voice of sanity and sanctity. This control of nerves, this force with verve are the special traits of Sree Iyer’s personality. As the conversation extends into newer and deeper areas of considerations of various issues of national importance, one realises the deep-seated polish of cultured thought in his being.

He does not say so in so many words but Sree Iyer realises how public opinion can be misled by initial flush of publicity or perception, though without much actual support of truth. Responding to the point about Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), he agrees that the new party rose in national esteem on the strength of the initial sense of promise it created. But then, he turns the conversation quickly to discussing various intricacies of the failed phenomenon of AAP and how Kejriwal’s rise owed itself to his hijacking of the anti-graft movement in which Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar had played a great role as a catalyst.

What marks Sree Iyer specially is not just his opinion but his ability to create successful and effective tools of expression of that opinion. His closeness to Dr. Subramaniam Swamy might have helped him with terrific insights into various political and economic issues confronting the country, no doubt. But what is more critical is Sree Iyer’s ability to define and decipher the hidden metaphor of the nation’s political and economic discourse and restructure the narrative.

Despite this forceful start of new assignment which he launched upon only recently, 56-year-old Sree Iyer demonstrates through his demeanour a serious awareness of the hard reality of a continued fight to rectify the disturbed discourse of the nation. And that is the point where he starts making the difference.