Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Sep 2017 10:44:26

SHUTTING down of operations of Pakistan’s Habib Bank and slapping of USD 225 million fine by the US for terror funding, money laundering and other illicit financial transactions is in consonance with the promise made by the US President Mr. Donald Trump to the countrymen to act tough against terrorism and those supporting it, thereby harming the interests of America. That the US action has come days after Mr. Trump accused Pakistan of providing safe havens to terrorists indicates the firm resolve of the US President to deal with Pakistan sternly.

The US administration was forced to act against Habib Bank as it failed to respond to repeated warnings of the Department of Financial Services to mend its ways. Terrorism could spread its tentacles across the globe because of the support it received and is still receiving from several rogue nations including Pakistan. Military and civilian leaders in Pakistan are brazenly supporting terrorists. The ISI is training militants in handling explosives and helping them in recruiting youths by organising camps and allowing them to raise money.

The massive aid received from the US for combating terror is being misused by the ISI to carry out terror activities. The US has finally realised that billions of dollars being given to Pakistan by it are in fact being used to attack US forces in Afghanistan. The US has thus drastically cut the aid to Pakistan, besides warning it to stop providing safe haven to terrorists. Since Pakistan has dared to ignore the warning, the US has shut the operations of the Habib Bank. The US action is welcome as it will starve terror outfits of funds required to carry out its activities globally.

In fact, every nation should follow the example set by the US by shutting down Pakistani bank for funding terror. In order to win war on terror, it’s absolutely necessary to squeeze money supply to them irrespective of the place they operate from. Terrorism in Punjab could be brought under control because of the strong action taken by the then Punjab police chief KPS Gill to snap money supply to militants from Pakistan, besides carrying out operations to flush them out.

Taking a leaf from it, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has also launched an operation against separatists leaders in Kashmir in order to snap money supply to fuel protests and terrorism in the Valley. The demonetisation exercise was also undertaken by the NDA Government with a view to curb money supply to terrorists in Kashmir and Naxalites operating in various parts of the country. And the results of the move were encouraging as there is a sudden drop in incidents of stone pelting in Kashmir and violent activities by Naxalites.
If all the nations snap money supply to terror outfits, the world would be free of terror menace.