Shelter homes for swines to tackle menace in Kolar

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Sep 2017 10:40:19


By Tara Chettur,

Stray pigs and dogs’ menace are the big problems which are becoming hindrance to cleanliness campaign and a threat to citizens in Kolar area of the city. Now, animal welfare activists in city are thinking of coming up with an alternatives and starting shelter homes to curb the menace.

Seetha Anilkumar, convenor of Animal Care Plus organisation, who runs shelter home for dogs at Kajlikheda says that now she and her volunteers are planning to approach Bhopal Municipal Corporation to start a campaign to open more shelter homes for stray animals. She is also planning to start shelter home for pigs at voluntary level at Kolar road as the pig menace is found extreme here. She said pig menace has increased in city and in Kolar the issue is bigger one and each colony and residents face it. The problem becomes severe during night when stray dogs and piglets fight in streets and lead to accidents. Right now around 30-40 street dogs are there at shelter home.

There have been many incidents in the area. Hari Babu, co-ordinator from Bhopal Municipal Corporation’s dog squad. says, “We usually pick stray dogs from colonies on the basis of complaints and only unsterilised dogs are being taken by the squad and released into such shelter homes. But the issue of stray animals like pigs in Kolar suburb is at increase”. Seetha added that instead of fighting if proper co-ordination can be done then cleanliness campaign will get a major boost. Proper mapping of areas in terms of start animal category and type and population, size needs to be chalked out so that solutions and provision of opening of more shelter homes in collaboration with different voluntary groups and animal welfare groups can be worked out.