Teachers prepare meals only on papers in Kanker!

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Sep 2017 09:53:30

The Hitavada State Bureau,


A Mid-Day meal scam has come to light in tribal-dominated Kanker district. Teachers got prepared meals only on papers, not on grounds. It means they gobbled all the funds and foodgrains meant for children.Teachers also marked themselves present in the register and skipped the school.

The matter came to light when the Tehsildar TP Sahu reached Konkadi village to inspect community building and thereafter he went to school premises. When he enquired from teachers about the headmaster, they told him that he had gone to his home to take lunch. To make it clear, Tehsildar remained in school from 1 pm to 2.50pm but the headmaster did not turn up.

When Tehsildar enquired about Mid-Day meal, there were stunning revelations.
The Mid-Day meal was prepared only on papers, teachers gulped all the funds meant for Mid-Day meal. Tehsildar inspected the kitchen. He found hearth was never used. Teachers were lying while trying to protect the headmaster. Tehsildar got enraged and reprimanded the teachers. After panchnama, he seized the Mid-Day meal register and took the statement of the teachers present there. Mid-Day meal preparation responsibility is on a self-help group. Self-help group women also came in support of the headmaster.

Therefore, action will be taken against them also. There are total 30 children registered in the middle school. Four teachers have been appointed to teach them. When teachers’ activity was exposed, parents got angry and demanded stern action against the corrupt teachers.

Tehsildar Sahu said that strict action would be taken against those found involved in misappropriation of funds sanctioned to purchase foodgrains for Mid-Day meal.