Why everybody seems to be out on the street?

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Sep 2017 09:08:13

THE spectacle is scary. Everybody seems to be out on the street all the time. Very few seem to have time to be spent in the house, at home. In morning, people are out to the park then to the market and then to the bank or to the doctor. During the day, they are out to work. In the evening, after work, the people again step back out on the street to visit the mandi or mandir or even madiralaya. Young people seem to go out all the time, either for tuitions or school or college. Women, men, old persons -- everybody seems all the time stepping out of the house day in and day out. This is a scary spectacle, to say the least. 

For, when very large numbers of people in the society are all the time out on the street, then there must be only very small numbers at home. The entire spectacle gives an impression that the people must not be finding time to be together at home.

Take a round of restaurants and hotels and you will find people thronging those places. That is why the restaurants are full on all days at all times, particularly in the evenings. Increasing numbers of women are refusing to cook at home and are all the time looking for opportunities to eat out so that they do not have to cook at home. The men and children always oblige most willingly when the woman does not want to cook at home. Otherwise, too, the food cooked at home is so bland and so colourless, as most people tend to assert!

With large numbers of people interested in ‘going out’ all the time, is it wrong for simple people to feel scared? At least, I am scared of such a life.

True, even I am constantly either gone out or getting ready to go out. I am either stepping out of home either to go to office or to market or to libraries or to ...! And whenever I return home, it is only to go out again on another pretext. Thus, I, too, am all the time going out for whatever reason. This spectacle scares me no end.

For, when large numbers of people in any society are all the time found on the streets, they only herald a social degradation or sorts. For, out on the street or in public places or market or anywhere, there is no chance for them to learn something very basic, very precious to evolve a fine culture -- patience, persistence, prayer ...! Out in public places, nobody is doing any charitable work. Everybody wants to reach somewhere. Everybody wants to attain a goal. And so everybody is in a hurry.

The growth of a cultured society takes place only when people choose to stay at home consciously and evolve a cultural pattern in which patience, persistence and prayer are essential parts. When the family is together at home, when it is eating together at home, when the children are studying and elders are reading or discussing things, the family harbours a very terrific sense of togetherness. That sense goes missing when most people in the family are constantly stepping out of the home to go somewhere for some or the other purpose and even without any purpose at times.

This spectacle scares me.
In fact, it is time for all of us to redefine and reshape our lives. Yes, one must go out to achieve certain things. Yet, with a lifestyle that encourages people to keep going out all the time, what we are achieving is a fine culture on a continuous decline, degrading. For, the values and virtues to be built at home cannot be achieved outside the home.
It is against this background that I start thinking of a social condition when all of us choose to start spending quality time at home -- in company of each and every person in the family -- eating, working, resting ...! A conscious effort in this direction could be a good and effective answer to the challenge of the social decline we are witnessing these days.
In other words, we will have to restore family values once again!