A firangi’s EPIC search

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Sep 2017 14:17:01


EPIC channel has launched a light and peppy anchor driven half-hour episodic series that explores the reasons, beliefs and logic behind the customs and rituals observed as a norm in India, often so casually that most of us have never really asked why they are the way they are.

‘Indipedia’ enthralls with fascinating tidbits behind tales, figures, symbols and places you see every day, but probably don't know much about. These will be unraveled by a Bollywood-loving, Hindi-speaking firang Edward Sonnenblick, who is awed by India and its various intriguing aspects.

Right from traditions and rituals of auspicious beginnings to sattvik food tothe art and science of Sringaar (Dressing Up), to the most outstanding vehicles on the highways of India- Trucks, the series will take viewers on a roller coaster ride. The firangi will take you on a journey of discovery to different places highlighting diverse subjects and unearthing their meanings through interactions with regular people and experts on the subject.

Speaking about the show’s launch, Edward says “India is the love of my life. I was delighted when I was approached to do this show, as it revolves around captivating facts of the country, which makes me fall for it, over and over again. Indipedia is about discovering deeper facts not just seeing sights.

What does ‘Om’ really mean? Why is the symbol the way it is? Why do vehicles have nimbu-mirchi tied to their bonnets? What is the solah shringaar? These are the questions that have always popped up in my head and through Indipedia, I have had a chance to explore these.” The show is on air every Wednesday at 8 pm only on EPIC.