Going cashless, a distant dream as POS missing from shops

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Sep 2017 14:10:29


By Pallavi Singh,

Government is trying every bit to make the economy cashless. Every department has been launching schemes and projects so as to promote cashless transactions among people. Authorities have also been sensitising people for making the economy cashless through digital transactions, but the result seems to take the cause nowhere. Most of the shops in Bhopal which started accepting payment through Paytm and POS (point of sale) have now stopped accepting cashless payment.

This has become a common practice at major food joints of city where the shop owners blatantly deny accepting cashless payment and demand for cash. As per consumers the shopkeepers who were earlier accepting payment through credit and debit cards have stopped doing so post GST.

Consumers are struggling with this problem on daily basis as shopkeepers deny accepting cashless payment. Satish Acharya, city resident said, “They out rightly deny having a POS and when asked say that tax has been increased under GST, leaving them with nothing and to save tax they have stopped using cashless payment and started taking cash payment.

We have to keep cash no matter what. Even medical shop owners at times deny accepting payment through card. With such condition cashless economy seems to be a farfetched dream.” It is to be noted that during the period of demonetisation due to high cash scarcity many shopkeepers started using POS and Paytm for payment. But as soon as GST came into being they stopped accepting cashless payments to save tax leaving consumers with no other option but to pay in cash.

This has not only increased the hassle for consumers but has also forced them to carry cash. According to consumers even the well known and big food joints of the city deny to accept payment through card or Paytm and ask for cash. Most of the shopkeepers who were keeping POS earlier now make excuses saying that the machine is not in working condition. This phenomenon has increased post GST. As per city based Chartered Accountant said, “Earlier the tax on food items was around 4 to 5 % which has now been increased to around 12% including CGST and SGST. They do not accept cashless payment just for the sake of saving tax.”

Mainak Bhattacharya: Most of the food joints in city do not accept payment through card and Paytm. Post GST they have stopped accepting cashless payment and we are forced to pay cash. It is surprising to see that food joints with such high sale and so many people turning up all through the day do not accept card payment.

They straightforwardly deny having POS and accept money only in cash. Abhirup Dasgupta: During demonetisation most of the shopkeepers started accepting cashless payment but post GST they have stopped keeping POS and accepting payment through Paytm. When asked they say that the tax has been increased, due to which they will only accept cash. Even the payment of a big amount has to be made in cash.