Make yourself a brand

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Sep 2017 15:15:30


Who says girls are losers? We are also made up of the same potential, same capacity. The only thing is that we are bound by your own walls and thoughts which are either dumped in your mind by the society or relatives. Come on, bring yourself out of your comfort zone. If you decide, you can build your own kingdom. Make yourself a brand. Just imagine a life with your own image, reputation. Just don't waste life and your degree passion. Be bold enough if you really want to survive in future. Be a girl with full package of ‘sanskar’ and human feeling. Without misusing freedom, make yourself so capable that you will make your parents proud. 

Why is it that only girls need to change everything and make adjustments all the time? But this must change, and you can change it by taking control of your life. Take yourself to that level where you will decide what to change and what not to. If you really want to reach a great height, all you need to do is to remove that unnecessary softness out of your heart and start getting tough, if you really want to sustain in corporate world. Being a girl, enjoy every phase of your life, but first make yourself secure by standing on your own feet.

You already know the world is not just sunshine and rainbow. It is a very mean and a nasty place where nobody cares. It will beat you down to your knees and force you to quit. But never quit. Stay in the fight. No matter how hard you get hit, keep moving forward. For, pain is often temporary. It will last for a minute or an hour or a year. But one day, it will subside and something good may take its place. Work for that moment. Work to make that moment successful. The pain will get replaced by joy. But, if you fail, the pain will last for long.

But friends, please remember that failure, too, is an integral part of life and of the learning process. If you have never failed in your life, it simply means that you have been playing it too safe.That will take you nowhere. Such a person is life a deflated tyre that cannot move until it is filled with air. This air can be described as enthusiasm for life and willingness to take on its challenges. One has to learn to turn failure into success. There may be bad times and it will be difficult to bounce back. But even in those bad days, understand that you can still fight back. But that fight-back will need greater efforts, like when the funds are low the debts are high. At such moments, realise that every dark cloud has silver lining. Look for that and reshape your failure into success.











Priyanka M Bagade,

GH Raisoni College of Engineering