Mystery behind Arang shootout cracked

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Sep 2017 10:53:35


The Hitavada State Bureau,


Police arrests 3 accused while 2 other accused remained at large

Raipur Police in course of investigation into the case of recent shoot out in Arang, in which Kurud village resident Goverdhan alias Babla Sahu, husband of current Sarpanch was shot at, has concluded after cracking the case and arresting 3 accused that political rivalry and monetary gains from sand contract led one Paras Sahu, who had lost Sarpanch election, to give Rs 6 lakhs ‘Supari’ (contract) to one Doman Nishad to kill Goverdhan.

The victim Goverdhan Sahu has survived and the Police on other hand has arrested three persons involved in the murder attempt who are Paras Sahu, 41 years, resident of Kurud village, Arang, Doman Nishad, 25, resident of New Rajendra Nagar, Bajaj Colony, sector-2 and Lalit Barwe alias Leon, more than 18 years, who resided at Kashiram Nagar house no-518 Telibandha locality in the state capital. Two other accused Bhupendra Dhruv alias Arya Thakur, 22, resident of Kohri village, Mahasamund and Suresh Mishra, who was a security guard at a private hospital, are still absconding.

After the incident on last September 4 at 8.15 pm, the victim Goverdhan was rushed to Ramkrishna Care Hospital in the state capital. Police with the help of its crime branch began investigations in course of which focused attention at Doman Nishad on the basis of evidences.

Nishad had contested election from Janpad Panchayat, Arang, in 2014, but lost. He hailed from Rasouta village that falls near the place of incident. His movements were constantly watched by police. His movement for arms with an offender named Arya Thakur at Gpoiganj in Bhadohi district, Uttar Pradesh, was also known, informed Inspector General of Police, Raipur Range Pradeep Gupta while briefing to media a police control room on Tuesday.

On the basis of evidences Nishad was held by the police and initially he denied his involvement, but in course of interrogation he could not defend himself against the evidences and confessed. According to Nishad’s confession, he was a broken heart after losing the Janpad election and that the victim in the case Goverdhan had not kept his promises to him in the election. Paras Sahu, who lost Sarpanch election in 2014, contacted him and told that he too was pained with Goverdhan. Abusive language was used at him often and also he was deliberately troubled by offender under influence of liquor.

Over political and business rivalry, Paras Sahu decided to eliminate Goverdhan and while seeking support of Doman, Paras promised him support in coming election and also a Swift car in gift. Paras asked Doman to arrange boys for the act.

Arya Thakur when contacted by Doman asked to arrange arms and also to talk to Paras Sahu and fix the contract at Rs 6 lakhs. Paras Sahu gave Rs 6 lakh ‘Supari’ (contract) to Doman Nishad for killing Goverdhan. In February, Sahu called Nishad to Tumgaon, Mahasamund and gave Rs 50,000 for arms. Through Suresh Mishra, who had worked as a security guard at a private hospital in the State Capital, Nishad with Arya Thakur purchased a pistol and two rounds on August 27 from Gopiganj, UP.

On August 29, Nishad met Sahu at Tumgaon showed him the arms and planned to execute the evil design as early as the opportunity would be available. On September 1, Nishad took Lalit Barwe from Raipur and dropped him to Arya Thakur at Kohri village.

It was Arya Thakur and Lalit Barwe who on September 2 ambushed near the house of the victim Goverdhan, but as he did not came out so they returned back to Kohri. On September 4, both of them waited on Kurud village road to attack Goverdhan. At 8.15 pm, Arya Thakur fired two rounds from pistol at Goverdhan and fled with Lalit to Kohri and informed about the same to Nishad at night. Lalit on the next day came to Raipur by bus.

On September 5 Paras Sahu gave Rs 3 lakhs to Nishad and promised to give the remaining Rs 3 lakhs in next 15 to 20 days. Out of the said Rs 3 lakhs, Nishad gave Rs 1 lakh to Thakur and Barwe. Both Paras Sahu and Lalit Barwe confessed about their involvement in the crime after taken into custody by police.

The accused Paras Sahu is former Sarpach, qualified as MA and he used to practice as a quack. Doman Nishad is qualified as B Com and used to work in a clinic at Ashoka millennium. Lalit Barwe is class 12 pass and runs his own grocery store at Kashiram Nagar, Telibandha. Bhupendra Dhruv alias Arya Thakur is already absconding in a case of attempt to murder registered at Telibandha police station. Police has seized the motorcycle used by the attackers, R 1 5 CG /04/DE/1122, which belonged to accused Thakur and also cash Rs 88,000. The village where the incident happened is located near Mahanadi river and thus income from sand contract was also a matter of rivalry, police informed.