Raipur Police sensitises school authorities about children’s safety

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Sep 2017 10:49:11


Staff Reporter,


Raipur Police in course of a workshop it organised on Tuesday to sensitise school authorities for children’s safety appreciated the move of Delhi Public School, Raipur, that in case parents/ guardians do not come to the particular place for taking their children from school bus then it is better to take such children back to school and inform the parents to come and take the children.

In response to a difficulty expressed by a school representative in a session of workshop, DPS Raipur Principal Raghunath Mukherjee stood up and while speaking about the said move of the institution, he said, “ It is better to tolerate the resentment of parents in such cases for the sake of children.” Another suggestion that was noted in the workshop was that the wine shops which are situated near schools should be closed immediately. Presently, laws have become stricter and even there is provision for punishment in case of stalking. The police said on the occasion that it is ready to educate about law and such provisions provided the schools shows interest.

On the occasion of this workshop held at New Circuit House, the directives, which are given in Chhattisgarh Government Gazette and also given by Chhattisgarh High Court, were circulated among the
school authorities including principals who were present in large number in the workshop. Among the 17-point directive, one is that in every school bus there must be trained person for imparting first aid treatment and to tackle emergency situation for children’s safety and to help in picking up and alighting the children to and from school bus. According to police sources, parents must know about these directives and ensure they are strictly followed by school authorities.

The police as well as District Education Officer A N Banjara highlighted that it should be a matter of concern for the parents as well as school teachers in case children express fear of the bus driver and conductor. Directives for safety and security arrangements of schools were also printed and circulated among school authorities present on the occasion. Among these directives, it is contained that police verification of all the employees and teachers working in the school should be got done in the concerned police station. Installation of CCTV cameras and proper maintenance of the same was also emphasized. Inspector General of Police, Raipur, Range, Pradeep Gupta and In-charge Superintendent of Police A R Korram also addressed the school authorities. Addl. SP, City Vijay Agrawal was also present. Raipur presently has 2500 schools, six lakh school children and 17,000 teachers.

IG highlights role of teachers in value system:It’s not the fear of Indian Penal Code due to which well-bred people do not commit crime, but value system that means inculcation of good moral values which has build hatred for crime and notoriety in them. Such well-bred people in the society never necessitates gadgets like CCTV cameras for surveillance and tracking, but looking to present conditions the gadget is necessary, said IG, Raipur Range Pradeep Gupta. He called upon the teachers, saying their role is vital in value system and it is their magical influence that school children grow up in a way that they hate crime throughout life.

The IG also revealed the respect he still holds for the teacher who taught him some 36 years ago at Bharat Mata School in Raipur and went back to Kerala. After becoming a police officer, he contacted his counterparts in Kerala and finally found
the teacher and with his friends respected the teacher.