Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 Sep 2017 08:22:07

IT IS a huge travesty that Congress Vice President Mr. Rahul Gandhi has blasted ‘dynastic’ continuance of leadership in politics or business, when he himself has been imposed on the Congress party as part of dynastic succession. Mr. Gandhi’s remarks about ‘dynastic’ succession at a speech at the University of California at Berkeley made people chuckle in amusement and snort in anger as he also chose to criticise Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in senseless attack, accusing him of dividing the Indian society. Quite naturally, therefore, Union Minister Mrs. Smriti Irani hit back calling Mr. Rahul Gandhi a ‘failed dynast’. There could be nothing more close to truth than this observation by the firebrand minister.

It is obvious that Mr. Rahul Gandhi is a completely failed dynast. Much to the misfortune of the party, Mr. Gandhi could not bear upon his shoulders the burden of responsibility as a declared leader of Congress for the past fifteen years. His weaknesses remained hidden until the Congress party was in power, but got exposed badly once that mantle was withdrawn. In the past three-and-a-half years since the advent of Mr. Modi as Prime Minister, Mr. Rahul Gandhi has come across as an immature person with no leadership qualities whatsoever. Every member of the Congress organisation now knows him as a person without any sense of mission or vision. Most consider him as a reason of bad showing of the party at the hustings in recent years.

But when a man of his very questionable qualities goes to the University of California at Berkeley and lets out his nonsensical remarks, he only shows the world that he is not a person whose word can be believed. It is from that angle that Mrs. Irani could have chosen to ignore Mr. Gandhi’s remarks altogether and keep mum. Yet, her response came only because Mr. Gandhi was a Congress leader and deserved to be shown his place. Otherwise, his observations can be termed as childish.

Common people have often wondered why the Congress party has not been able to restrain Mr. Rahul Gandhi. For, whatever he does or whatever he talks about turns into a disaster for the organisation. In recent elections at various places, it was Mr. Rahul Gandhi who was almost single-handedly responsible for the massive failure to capture people’s imagination.

Of course, one of the remarks of Mr. Gandhi in US also pertains to his acceptance of his party’s failure to whip up popular electoral support. This confession does not make much sense as it is only an attempt to appear cosmetically sincere. It must be really traumatic for everybody in Congress party to see the organisation reaching such a nadir. There must be countless people who wish to bring the party back to its glory, but have no voice since the Gandhis do not allow any independent opinion to be expressed and any free-flowing ideation to take place. Even though a few people may still want to praise Mr. Rahul Gandhi sky high and want him to take over presidentship, there are many more who want some other leadership to take over.

There are reasons to believe that Mr. Rahul Gandhi is deeply aware of this beneath-the-surface current of opinion within his organisation. Despite that, he has never made any move to democratise the internal functioning of the party. When the leader has such an approach, when he is unwilling even to open a dialogue on the leadership in order to strengthen the organisation, then there is not much to write home about. Because of such a situation, the Congress party is stinking just as a pool of stagnated water does. If Mr. Rahul Gandhi wants to make a significant contribution to national discourse, he should stop blaming Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and start thinking afresh about refurbishing his own party.